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Car Vinyl Wraps – Numerous Beautiful Options

Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 in Tuning & Styling |

So, you have decided to get a wrap for your car? It’s a great decision. Car wrap materials have the base of vinyl which is printed by the wrap shop you choose. A protective laminate is usually added after printing. You can get laminates in various types of gloss from semi gloss to super shiny. Almost all the materials have a warranty for fading for outdoor use and durability and can be removed without leaving a mark or damage to the paint. For rear window application, you can use a perforated film which apparently looks like a part of the wrap when seen from outside, but maintains view of the …

3 Super Easy Tips for Car Bumper Repair Without Damaging Paint

Posted by on Aug 27, 2016 in Maintenance |

You might be very careful about your beloved car, but let’s face it, you cannot avoid dents to the bumper of your car. Even if you don’t bump your car into a tree or someone’s wall, any external factor for which you are not responsible, like a wrongly hit football or other missile, can give your car the unsightly dent making you gloomy. But cheer up! Here are top 3 car bumper repair methods and you will be amazed especially with the hot water bumper fix. Read (& watch) on.

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Get all Your Car Expenses at Your Fingertips

Posted by on Aug 24, 2016 in Industry News, Maintenance |

Have you found lately that your car is being quite expensive in terms of servicing charges? Or do you just want to know how much you spend on your car per month? Are you willing to know about the expenditure because you want to find a more economical car if your current one is snatching more bucks out of your pocket? You can now find and track all the expenses on your car with a wonderful app named CarExpenses. With this app you can track all your vehicle-related expenses like repairs, maintenance, refuels and more, with just a few taps or clicks. While the app is still in beta …

Tips on Choosing Car Repair Workshop

Posted by on Aug 23, 2016 in Maintenance |

You’ve noticed your car needs some fixing and you’ve realized you need to take it to a workshop to have it repaired. But, how to find the right car repair workshop? Before taking your four-wheeled companion to the nearest workshop, you should consider several important things. Do your homework to avoid choosing the wrong mechanic.

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Bad Credit Car Leasing Tips

Posted by on Aug 21, 2016 in Buying/Selling Tips |

When you look at all those car commercials, you might get the impression that all those manufacturers and dealers are basically ready to do anything to make you buy their car. This is true only if you don’t read the fine print; somewhere at the bottom of the screen/ad, you’ll probably see that certain car is “subject to credit approval”. Of course the dealerships and car manufacturers will compete with their counterparts, but they aren’t going to sell or lease their products to just anyone. Anyone with bad credit knows this for sure. But, bad credit car leasing is possible! Keep on reading to get more info on it!

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