3 Useful Tips for Selling Your Car with a Profitable Deal

If you are selling your car for the first time, it can be a novel experience for you. It will place you in an offensive as well as defensive position where your every action should be strategic to get maximum amount of money from the buyer. Here are a few tips with which you can do that.

1. Get Knowledge


As such, you can buy and sell new and used cars in Ethiopia with Cargebeya.com for example, to gain maximum profit. But if you want to sell your car on your own, there is nothing more valuable than gaining knowledge. It makes a lot of difference when you have maximum information about the car. Following are a few things you must know:


  • Year/Model/Make/Date of Manufacture/VIN/Factory Paint Color Code
  • Does the vehicle have any outstanding recall? Has it undergone any recall work?
  • What are its specific issues? Have they been given attention?
  • How big is the displacement of the engine? How many miles per gallon does the car return on an average, combined?
  • What is the average selling cost for your car in this condition?


If you devote a couple of hours to learning about cars, it will repay you in terms of more money when you will get the opportunity to actually sell it.


2. Understand the Market


Can you sell your car easily? Is it a hot article of trade? Or will you have to reduce its price and look for other ways to sell it?

A few general rules will answer these questions.


  • While family sedans are uninteresting to several people, they are in constant demand from those who need basic, cheap mode of transportation.
  • The sale of sports cars and convertibles is seasonal. Sunny weather induces buyers. Winters and falls will be down.
  • Vans and trucks, used for work, are steady sellers and get competitive prices. Never underestimate their value.
  • Collector cars won’t be sold fast and are usually hard to price. However, if you find the right buyer, they can have an astonishing value.


Your first step should be to check classified ads for how much other sellers are quoting for your kind of car. Remember that prices of dealers will be different than that of private parties. Some sites like eBay enable you to search with particular criteria. For example, select the trim level and year of your car and check how many similar types of cars are at present on the market. Note down their selling price, mileage, condition and geographic location since you can list your vehicle at a price that will sell it fast.


3. Take Detailed Pictures of Your Car


Your prospective customers will be more interested in your car if they are given as much information as they want. Ensure to take as many high-resolution images of your car as you can. If you can take them with a DSLR camera, go for it. But even a point-and-shoot camera can do the job fine, but not a cell phone camera. Your car’s pictures will appeal your buyers and increase the chances of getting higher price.

Follow these tips to turn your car into a profitable deal and become a proud seller.

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