5 Important Points You Should Remember while Buying a Car at an Auction

Interest in car auctions has grown lately as the credit rules have become stricter and economy is stagnated. Buyers who earlier could get car loans on new or used vehicles now have to shop with cash. However, in a country which is built around automobiles and where it’s much easier to get a job or success in any work if you own a car to drive to interview or any workplace, for several people car auctions are a great way to meet the need.

Car auctions are of two types: government auctions and public auctions, but both have their own pros and cons. Here are tips to make the most of any type of car auction.

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2. Before You Visit the Auction

Before you visit the auction, you need to take care of a few things.

First off, register with the auction to know what auctions are in the pipeline. There may be different auctions for different kinds of cars and it makes no sense ending up at a four-wheel-drive event if you are looking for a small diesel hatchback.

Secondly, consider visiting an auction or two to get a feel before you bid. A car auction is a fast-changing environment that won’t spare a new buyer who isn’t aware of what’s going on.

However, remember that it’s not even as scary as you might think. But it’s worth taking the time to understand it.

3. Purchase Direct

Some private sellers and car dealerships use car auctions to sell off their lemons that wouldn’t stand close examination anywhere else. Therefore you should only purchase cars that are being sold straight from a fleet till you are more seasoned.

Vehicles that are ‘sold direct’ are formerly company vehicles that will have a complete service history and most of them will have had an easy life beating the motorway.

car auction

4. Examine it

While you can virtually buy an ex-fleet vehicle with your eyes shut, it’s not really recommended. Take a look at panel gaps, paintwork, interior trim and wheels.

Vehicles that look fine are usually good and those that sport scuffed alloy wheels and are covered in parking dings have typically been abused.

Firstly you can check the oil by opening the bonnet as the cars are usually unlocked. Is the oil clean and topped up? Also check if the coolant is clean and up to the correct level. Check if the upholstery is clean. Also check if all the tires are from the same maker. Check the glovebox too because you’ll usually find the vehicle’s service book there which you can check to make sure it hasn’t skipped a service.

5. Work on Cars You’ve Shortlisted

Now take a snack break and work out on cars you’ve seen and want to bid on while sipping a coffee. Narrow the list down to half-a-dozen or so and then think on how much you’ll want to pay for each of them.

It’s here that your earlier research will be useful to you, offering you an idea of the maximum price you should pay. Remember to add the auctioneer’s fees and VAT to them.

Jot this down beside the lot number. This is your maximum bid and you SHOULD NOT exceed it.

Thus you can get your hands on a great car; you just have to remember and follow these few points.

car auction

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