5 Outstanding Advantages of SUVs

SUVs have constantly been the most preferred choice amongst drivers. However, you should be careful while buying them, especially in difficult times of economy when prices of oil rocket high. Manufacturers of automobiles too have realized the practical difficulty of users and responded accordingly by making several innovations in the SUV designs which make them more competitive in terms of price and benefits to the driver. Moreover the spaciousness of a SUV scores over its some drawbacks counted by some potential buyers. With excellent seating options which you can find in the best SUV with third row and heavy duty features like a truck, a SUV provides most drivers a superb multifunctional vehicle. If you are wondering whether to buy a SUV or not, read these benefits of a SUV and then decide.

1. Additional Seating Capacity

Though a car is still the most preferred type of automobile sold, a SUV offers several accommodation options that a car cannot. One of the most prominent advantages of a SUV is its seating. Some SUVs can comfortably accommodate even up to nine passengers, similar to a van, but even sportier, e.g. Chevrolet Suburban as well as Tahoe. This additional seating capacity is excellent for large families and for those who do lots of carpooling. Any car or truck doesn’t offer such a large seating option. Though vans accommodate more passengers, the looks and ease of handling of a SUV is more preferable for buyers.

2. Versatility

Another major benefit of several SUVs is the versatility of third row seating. Though many people select a SUV with third row seating to fit in more passengers, the additional space can even be used for accommodating luggage in several configurations. Actually, nearly all third row seats enable drivers to fold them down so as to utilize the space to haul objects other than passengers. Many SUVs even have the facility to fold down the second row to get more storage space. This makes SUV a better option for getting extra space for storing objects without the risk posed by trucks. On rainy days, storing objects on the backside of a truck can damage them, while the space offered by SUVs is covered and doesn’t cause damage to the items.

3. Ability for Towing

Another useful feature offered by SUVs is their towing ability. Thus SUVs not only offers extra space for items and passengers, but also can tow other vehicles. Their bigger size and higher specifications of engine and transmission make it easier for them to tow trailers, boats and more, which is not the case with a car.

2015 Chevrolet Equinox

4. Handling

A SUV has significantly more weight than a car which provides drivers increased handling, particularly in tougher road and weather conditions. Actually, SUVs featuring an all wheel drive option are more popular than those that don’t feature that option, because several buyers are in search of improved handling over other sorts of vehicles.

5. Safety

SUVs not only offer increased aesthetics and handling, but also increased safety. This vehicle is elevated higher above the ground than standard cars and so, can be driven more easily over debris and other small objects on the road, many times with minimal damage. The elevation also allows the undercarriage to be elevated to a level where it is perfect to use the vehicles on various roads, like off road conditions.

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