5 Tips for Getting Extended Car Warranty

If you have recently become a proud car owner, you should look for ways to maintain your latest beautiful possession. Fortunately there is something called extended car warranty available, which is perhaps the best way to protect your car. For example Allianz extended car warranty offers useful tips to car owners. Let’s take a look.

1. Check What You Get

Check the extended warranty insurance to see if they are covering only the basic repairs. If so, you or your car won’t be benefited much as compared to the amount of money you will invest. If the warranty covers complex repairs, it is most likely that it will pay for itself some time or the other. For example, spare parts of an imported car like Mazda are very costly and if they are not covered in your basic insurance, and are to be replaced, you will feel really glad that you paid for extended warranty.

2. Check What You have Already Got

By this, we mean your current warranty. If you purchase a car from an individual seller instead of from a dealer, you will have to contact an extended warranty provider to check whether your current warranty is transferable. If you buy a luxury car through a dealer, on the other hand, extended warrant should be bought before you collect your new car.

3. Don’t Waste Time up to the Last Minute

If you buy an extended warranty insurance policy, don’t waste time till the policy expires or is about to expire; get your car completely checked. All through the life of your car and that of your extended warranty, you should perform regular maintenance. By doing it, you can recognize at once if there is any repair needed and you can get that repair done during the period of warranty. Check the terms of the warranty and perform a regular maintenance.

4. Choose a Service that Gives a Good Support

You should choose a reliable company which gives a 24/7 support. Also a company which is offering various options for communication is also a good choice, because it shows that they are eager to help their customers any time. Various options for communication are phone, email, live chat and the contact page on their website. Also check if roadside assistance is involved in your extended warranty cover. Warranty & Insurance in Australia is such a reputable company and a leading car warranty and insurance provider in Australia. They have partnered with world’s second leading insurers, Allianz and Swann who offer Allianz comprehensive car insurance. So, you can rest assured about the excellent customer service and support you can get if you buy the extended warranty from them.

5. Look Ahead

Think upon if you want to own your car for more than three years, because most extended warranties last for about this duration of time. If you want to keep your car for more than 3 years, the extended policy deal can be a lot of beneficial to you. Best thing here is when you buy a car, you can get the payment done of the extended warranty along with the actual car payment.

So, take these criteria into consideration while buying a car extended warranty insurance. An extended warranty is lot more beneficial when you need to undergo costly maintenance and repair, though you may feel now that you are wasting money. So, keeping the future possibilities in mind, go for extended warranty insurance.

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