How to Check out a Used Car before Buying It

Purchasing a used car can be quite daunting, especially if you are doing it for the first time. There are lots of things to consider, which can make the experience even more confusing. First of all you need to check the car physically to determine its condition. Here are some steps to help you in checking out a used car before buying it.

Check for sagging

Ensure that the car is on an elevated ground before checking for sag. You can easily go under the car and check for any such problem. If you find any unusual thing hanging, you can ask the dealer or owner about it. Do not forget to check the space besides the tires.

Check the paint

Check if the colour of the car is faded drastically or if it has any dents, scratches or rust spots. The best practice for checking the quality of colour is running your finger around. If you find any roughness or uneven area, it can be because of rusting or imitate coating.

Check the trunk

The trunk of car should be in good condition. Any spot of rust, cracks or holes can allow the entry of water which affects the efficiency of car. Moreover, the trunk also tells you about the usage of car.

Check for VIN

Vehicle identification number is written on the fender, just where the hood joins. A missing VIN indicates replaced fender.

Check the hoses, belts and tires

The belt of cars should not be too old or damaged. The tires should have good grooves and treads. Moreover, they should be aligned properly. Bad alignment often indicates worn steering or suspension components or the hole and frame’s damage. Also look for the radiator hoses. They should not be cracked or over soft.

Check the interiors

Get inside the car and check its seats and upholstery. Look for any tears, stains, rips or other damages. Do not forget to check the air conditioning system of the car. Turn it on to see if it’s working properly and providing proper cooling. Go for cars which have good air condition systems such as Citroen Berlingo. In case of cars with R134 cooling systems, look for the sticker on conditioner’s condenser to check if it’s original.

Check the odometer

It will help you know about the mileage. This is vital as the mileage designates the car’s age. Always remember, a car ages by time and mileage. Try to buy a used car, which is not too old and is used less. Do not go with ones that are driven more than 15,000 miles a year.

Test-drive the car

A lot about used cars can be understood with the help of test-driving. If you are not good at cars, you can bring one of your friends, who is a good driver. They will tell you what is good or bad in the car. Never rely on the workers of a car agency for test driving.


Do not forget to check the car’s history and brakes condition. Buying a used car can be a great idea, if you keep the above-mentioned things in mind.

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