Precautions to Take while Buying a Used Car in Ireland

As several incidents are being heard of inexperienced people buying a used car in Ireland and getting scammed eventually, there is a need of a thorough guide which can bring awareness in buyers of used cars in Dublin or any other city in Ireland about how to be careful.

To Start With

In Ireland, you can view used cars in lots of ways and means, from newspapers and online portals to car dealers’ forecourts. Let’s see the process at a private seller which you should know.

Private Seller – Where to Start?

Buying a used car privately may be confusing and sometimes very risky too. There are plenty of ways with which you can keep yourself away from any catch.

Registration: First of all, you can check if somebody has recently purchased this car and is trying to resell it fast after realizing the mistake and to avoid spending any more money on it. is a place where you can know how many people bought this car in last 3 months. If after entering registration of the car in the field given on the site, there is a message like “No vehicle registration certificate issued in the last 3 months” it shows that the car has not been purchased in last three months.

However, this is not enough to make you heave a sigh of relief. The car may be with somebody else, only not with the registered owner. Therefore you must check a form of ID at the seller and tally it with a logbook to check whether both are same. If you find that they are not same, you should inquire about how they obtained it. In many cases, it might be a trade in deal or maybe they are selling it for someone else. In this case, you must be very careful.

The words “Transferred to an individual on” mean the car has been sold in last three months. This is a very short duration of ownership and though apparently they may give reasons like they didn’t like that car or it is not up to their requirements, there are high chances that there is a problem in the car of which they became aware after buying it and so, they are trying to get rid of it. Be careful with such a car, and it will be better if you avoid it.

The words “Purchased by a dealer on” mean the car was in possession of a dealership during the last three months. This is a relaxing situation and means that the person you are purchasing the car is a dealer.

Check History of Car: If you have got the registration as well as mileage, you can check history of the car. If it shows nothing, it’s good. But it can also show you plenty of reasons for why you should not buy that car. So, check car history.

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