Tips for Buying A BMW – New and Used

BMW is an adorable car. But it’s not affordable. Whatever love you have for this car, you should have money to own it. However, if you have money, but a little less, you can buy a used BMW. Even if you have enough money, but you just want to skimp, you can buy a used one. Here are buying tips from a BMW pro for New and Used BMWs.

Tips for Buying a New BMW

Finances: Find out your credit details and what exactly you can afford. You may know you can afford a BMW, but knowing about your credit can open up ways for you to pay less and afford the car better. Understanding about your finances will also help you know how much you are able to and are prepared to put down while buying a car. Keep yourself informed about your debt to income ratio.

Delivery: You have two options to get the delivery of your BMW: collect it from the dealer once it is ready and has been shipped by BMW, or go to Germany and collect it yourself, and latter is the better option. This option allows you to drive across Europe in your brand new BMW for a week, take the BMW tours, drive the Autobahn, enjoy the roads, and even best, go to Nurburgring, to race on the Ring! What’s more, you save as much as even $5000-$6000 too!

Don’t Make Haste: Don’t make hasty decisions. First know what and why you want. Lots of people purchase a car of which they know nothing and end up in not wanting it anymore after just a month, and then lose a lot in trading the car in. This is bad for your credit and also for your wallet. Don’t make this mistake. Be smart and buy only the one which you really want.

Tips for Buying a Used BMW

See for Yourself: While buying a used BMW, never buy it without ‘seeing’ it. Once you get the chance to see it, get it checked by a certified BMW technician or a BMW dealer. You may have to pay around $200 but it’s worth. Sometimes you may even get a great deal online from private owners, just because they want to get rid of the car and need money.

Don’t Buy the First One You See: If your gut feeling says that there is something sketchy, listen to it, there indeed is! Do your research, don’t trust people, check whether they are true and if you are still in doubt, contact someone you trust and ask their opinion.

CPO BMW: Certified Pre-Owned BMW is a bit more expensive than the one you may get at a BMW dealer, but the extra money offers you extra warranty and a great peace of mind. If you buy a BMW CPO and gets some issue, it’s guaranteed that BMW takes care of it appropriately.

Look for new and used BMWs and other cars at, in a well-arranged comprehensive list. Their lists are quite long; so, you have a wide choice.

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