What Features to Look for while Buying a Car

Today car has become more of a necessity than a luxury and with that, car manufacturers are showering consumers with endless features, which can easily daunt a car buyer. Then, what to look for exactly while buying a car? Let’s see.

Backup Cameras

If you often need to Parallel Park your car, then backup cameras is a great feature for you. These gadgets make it easy to squeeze into a space even for a shaky parker. Moreover the technology used in these cameras is advancing day-by-day. They can monitor a 360-degree area around your car and make you aware of the danger of hitting something. The drawback of these cameras is they are generally included as a component of a “premium” package, making them a little pricey if your budget is of a midrange car.

Heated Seats

There is no match for a heated seat if you enter your car in a chilly or rainy night. However, before falling for this feature, consider how much they are useful to you depending on the climate in which you live. fortunately most cars include heated seats as a standard feature. This enables you to include them or skip them as per your need.

Cruise Control

Cruise control feature can help you in fuel economy. It is extremely useful while driving on a freeway, rather than in a stop-and-go traffic. It is more profitable for the miles per gallon on even roads than on hilly roads. It is designed to increase or reduce the amount of fuel consumed to keep a steady speed, decreasing overall usage of gas.

Engine Size

Engine size is an important feature to consider. There are three commonest sizes of car engines – 4, 6 and 8 cylinders. The fewer these cylinders, the lower will be the car’s gas consumption. But, the smaller the engine, the less power the car will have. If you will use the car for typical driving and don’t need towing power, choosing the smaller engine will give you bigger savings on gas.

Safety Features

This is the most important point you should consider while buying a car. There are several safety features that have been included in cars over time. Some of them are almost standard, but are not in old cars always, if you are planning to buy a used car. So, you should keenly look for them.

Airbags: Airbags are various types, like side, front and rear. The front airbags are commonest and include knee airbags, while side airbags can either be curtain, torso or tubular airbags.

OnStar: This is one of the latest features occurring in many cars. It offers not only a GPS navigational support online, but also allows the driver to ask for emergency support just at the touch of a button. It also tracks a stolen car. OnStar also allows hands-free calling enabling the driver to drive more safely.

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