Get Just the Right Decal for Your Car

80s-cassette-tape-love-car-stickerCar decals are a fun way to promote your business, represent your club or show any of your interests off to the world. Decals are one of the most popular objects for these purposes because of their convenient size and low price tag. There are several points to consider while buying just the perfect car decals. Here we will consider the main three of them.

Printing Methods

There are two main printing methods available for standard car decals – screen printing and digital printing. If we compare these two, we get following points:

  • Screen printing lasts for 3 to 5 years, while digital printing lasts for more than 2 years.
  • There are more materials options in screen printing like white, chrome vinyl and clear vinyl or static, while in digital printing, fewer options are available, white static or white vinyl
  • Colors available in screen printing are metallic, pantone matching and fluorescent, while digital printing offers photo-realistic, full-color printing


There is one more method too – offset printing which is used for high definition, full-color custom-shaped decals. It gives highest clarity and details, so, it comes at a higher price than screen and digital printing.


Screen Printed Decals: In screen printing, clear polyester vinyl, white vinyl and chrome polyester vinyl can be used.

Digitally Printed Decals: In this, clear polyester or white vinyl can be used.



There are following options for adhesives for car decals.

  • Permanent: This leaves behind a residue after removal.
  • Removable: This doesn’t leave a residue after removal and can be removed with a little effort.
  • Ultra-removable: This is the easiest to remove with no residue behind.


Car Decal Geek is a unique car decal website which strives to provide you absolutely awesome, quirky decals for bacon lovers, zombie lovers, scuba divers, lizard lovers, scientists, drunkards, mustache wearers, herpetologists and tons of such cool and weird car decals. They strictly use the highest quality weather-proof vinyl which withstands rain, temperature, hurricanes and snow, to give you the best decals.


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