Reasons to Buy a Dash Cam

Nowadays, driver safety is an extremely important topic, which has elicited different reactions from drivers. Therefore, we’ll take a look at why drivers need dash cams to stay safe out on the road. It’s a really cheap car insurance policy – in most cases, you won’t need it, but when you do, it could really bail you out. 

So, why is it a clever idea to find a good camera for your car? The most obvious reason for installing this car accessory is a car accident. The general public, police and rideshare drivers will probably immediately jump to the conclusion that you were at fault, right? In case someone get hurt or killed, you’ll be assumed guilty until proven innocent. So, it’s up to you to protect yourself.  The dash cam will always be your witness and protect you, since it won’t say “not my problem”, like most people would do.

There are some riders who are a danger to you and themselves. You’ve surely had them and they are more than just annoying. If you’re able to document a battery or a verbal assault might be vital to keeping yourself safe.

If you’re a female driver, a visible dash cam might prevent male riders from being too friendly. In case you’re a male driver, you’ll be able to avoid being falsely accused of sexual harassment by a female rider, which is always a possibility.

Finally, having a dash cam will surely make you a better driver. How? Well, you know that dancers look in the mirror to correct their skills and technique, sportsmen watch video of their previous game to improve their play. If you review your daily driving footage can help you see ways to correct driving mistakes we all make.

When it comes to legal considerations, it’s important to check some general rules you should follow associated with recording video. In most countries, recording video is alright, but if you want to record audio as well, you need to notify passengers that they are being recorded. Simple verbal notification or a sign indicating audio recording will qualify as notification.

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