Why Should You Buy OEM Wheels for Your Mustang?

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer means that the product fulfills the specifications of the original equipment of the company that manufactured it. E.g. OEM Mustang wheels are the original Mustang wheels that the company ordered to be manufactured for their line of automobiles. If you know about the importance of the OEM designation, you can use the knowledge while buying the wheels. Here are some reasons why you should buy OEM wheels for your mustang.

Difference between OEM Wheels and Aftermarket Wheels

An OEM is a vendor that supplies a car company with car components. These components are then assembled by the car company to create their cars and trucks. About OEM wheels, a maker of wheels agrees to manufacture wheels for a particular car manufacturing company, provided the wheels should meet the requirements exclusive to the company, in looks, fit and finish. The manufacturer of the wheels is allowed to label their product with the logo of the car company and call itself the car company’s OEM. On the other hand, aftermarket parts are produced by outsider companies that are not officially contracted by the car company for the production.

OEM Wheels are an Exact Fit

As OEM parts are to be designed and produced exclusively for the particular car of the car manufacturing company, they are exact fit and so, perform the best as compared to aftermarket parts. When it is about wheels, exact fit is of immense importance. Aftermarket wheels are generally produced to fit a wider range of cars. To make this happen, center openings and lug holes may be a bit larger than that on the OEM wheels. This difference in size can be compensated for by adjusting the size of the lug nut or an adapter behind the wheel. Also OEM wheels are designed to pair appropriately with a tire that is sized to offer enough clearance for wheel wells, fenders and suspension parts.

OEM Wheels also Meet Stringent Manufacturing Specifications

Original makers of equipment should manufacture the same part to correct specifications through innumerable production runs. There is a need to supply thousands of parts to meet the production demand of the car company. On the contrary, aftermarket makers, though required to fulfill the safety standards set by the government, are not needed to fulfill the exact standards of fit and finish of the car company.

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