5 Golden Rules to Obey while Driving a Ferrari in Italy

If you are traveling to Italy, how about hiring a luxury car like Ferrari for travel? The idea is enthralling, no doubt! Italy is an awesome country with pleasant climate, rolling lawns and neat roads winding through them bordered with cypress trees in Tuscany, architectural epitomes like basilicas, fountains and sculptures in Rome, gondolas in Venice and lots of festivities. Driving a Ferrari in Italy is one of the best ways to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and explore the not-so-famous, yet the most charming locations in the country in a luxurious car. So, Ferrari Hire in Italy is the best option you can ever get. However, as in every country, in Italy too you have to obey rules and regulations for which you should have their knowledge. Here are five basic rules to remember to make your driving venture in the country smooth.

1. Paperwork

You have to do the paperwork and make all required documents ready before leaving for Italy and not after reaching there. You should carry an International Driving Permit and your own driver’s license. These will be acquired before your departure, at AAA. Both these documents should be shown to the agency so as to rent a car and they will also be required by the police if they stop you for a regular check.

2. Speed Limit

Following are the speed limits in Italy:

  • On the Autostrada: 130 kmph
  • On major roads: 110 kmph
  • On open roads: 90 kmph
  • In city centers: 50 kmph which corresponds to 80, 70, 55 and 30 mph respectively

Stick to these speed limits strictly, because in recent years, road law enforcement has become much stringent. And of course, don’t forget to fasten seat belts (front as well as rear seats), obey the signs and never drink while driving.

3. Book Early

Rather than hiring a car after arriving at the airport, you should book it early. Particularly in smaller airports at peak times, cars can be limited and the chances of getting a Ferrari are almost equal to nil. So, better hire a Ferrari in advance, instead of starting your holiday by searching for a car for half the day.

4. Enjoy Countryside, Stay Away from Cities

Italian countryside offers you the most relaxing experience of your life, especially driving in a luxurious car like Ferrari. However, in big cities the conditions are totally different. Unless you are a local (which you are not), the traffic jams of Rome, Siena or Florence will be a nightmare for you. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy these lovely cities. You just have to do one thing – find a parking space away from city center and use public transport once you are inside the city.

5. Know Exactly Where You Want to Go

The motorway system in Italy can seem extremely complicated if you are a stranger. It is added with the dirt roads, gravel paths and streets for which Italy is famous. Therefore a GPS is a must. See to it that the car rental company provides you one with your Ferrari.

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