Reaching and Getting Around Pittsburgh in Car – Things You Should Know

If you are planning to travel to Pittsburgh and want to book a car service for airport transfer as well as getting around the city, you have to consider some points. First off, you should understand that navigating Pittsburgh is quite difficult for someone who is not used to the roads here. Normally the shape of downtown in other cities is square, but in Pittsburgh it is triangular. There are highways upon highways and the city is full of road oddities.

Fortunately the city also provides many options to get around but having a car totally in your own control has its own benefits. Thus booking a Pittsburgh airport transfer and sightseeing car service is always a good option.


Pittsburgh Airport Transfer


Downtown Pittsburgh is situated at around 20 miles from the airport. When you leave the airport, take 376 East till you pass through the Fort Pitt tunnel and come out in downtown.

Typically this takes around 25-30 minutes if there is not much traffic. However, during peak hours or on game days, there may be heavy traffic at Green Tree Hill and even at the 376/79 interchange. In such a situation, it’s quite common to take an hour or even longer for the drive.


Getting Around Pittsburgh by a Car


If you are planning to rent a car to get around the city, you should be aware that this is not an easy job for two reasons:


  1. As mentioned earlier, the downtown is in a triangular shape and not in a square form like most other cities.
  2. Lane expansion is a difficult job here and you may find that there are multiple roads going along same paths as some are built literally on top of the other.


These peculiarities usually pose a lot of problems to visitors who are under the impression that they are on the correct road but later realize that the road is a wrong one and don’t find an easy and clear way to get where they want to go. Therefore an updated GPS is a must while driving through Pittsburgh.




Also remember that several Pittsburgh neighborhoods have permit parking for residents but restricted parking for visitors to less than a couple of hours (also consider road cleaning schedules). You can find metered parking in commercial areas and credit cards are accepted there, although there are still a few coin-operated ones.

Thus reaching and getting around in Pittsburgh in car can pose problems if you have not done your homework. It’s a lot different than a New York car service or a car service in any other city. Research your options and choose the best one so that you can make the most of your visit to this beautiful city.

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