5 Great Tips for Finding the Right Driving School/Instructor

You might be excited with a thought of learning driving. But remember that driving is a tough job and you have to learn it under a very experienced and expert instructor. Here are tips to find the right instructor or school to learn driving.

1. Qualification

You should ensure that the driving instructors in the driving school you have approached are registered with the DSA (Driving Standards Agency). A trainee license is awarded to a PDI (Potential Driving Instructor) who fulfills the basic criteria and a check of criminal record. This is a pink-colored badge or permit which they have to display on the window of their vehicle.

The meaning of the trainee license is that though the instructor is not fully qualified they are allowed to work at a driving school franchise and train student drivers. If there is/are such drivers there, the driving school should inform you about them. You can also expect a concession on the hourly rate of the trainer.

Upon completing three qualifying exams, the instructor obtains a full license and “green badge” which they can display on their vehicle’s window. Self-employed instructors or those who work with a small driving school should be able to produce the green badge always.

What You Should Ask: You should ask your potential instructor whether s/he is still undergoing training or fully qualified.

Dom's Driving School

2. Continuous Evaluation

Qualified driving teachers have to appear for tests every few years to ensure that they are maintaining acceptable standards of training.

Applicable from 7th April 2014, instructors are offered one of the following grades upon their assessment:

  • A Grade (85% and above): High standard of instruction
  • B Grade (60% and above): Sufficient level of capability
  • Fail (less than 60%): Unacceptable performance

If an instructor fails the test, s/he is provided one more “standard check” within 12 weeks.

What You Should Ask: How your instructor has performed in her/his most recent assessment.Dom's Driving School


3. Reputation

A little research about the instructor’s reputation is also useful while checking their qualification.

Driving schools are visited regularly by Trading Standards officers and undergo many checks.

What You Should Look For: Look for a reviewed driving instructor. Ask family and friends for recommendations and also consider additional endorsements from respected firms.

Dom's Driving School

4. Type of Car

Checking which car the instructor will use to train you is also necessary. You should check whether it is dual-control car (a car having an additional set of pedals for the instructor to control from the passenger seat), which is either automatic or manual, as per your choice.

Beware of flashy cars and their owner instructors, as they might be using it to impress and attract students. A good instructor can train you well with any car.

Your Question: Inquire about the car that will be used to train you; you should also ask whether you will be given the same car all through your training period.

Dom's Driving School

5. Cheaper is Not Always Better

Remember this rule always. If you consider low price as your main criteria to get admitted to a driving school or appoint a driving instructor, you should find out whether they have plans to increase their fees later.

What You Should Ask: You should expect to be trained professionally for at least 20 hours. You should calculate the fees on this basis, considering any discounts and regular fees.

Dom's Driving School

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