4 Professional Car Cleaning Tips

Would you like your baby to really shine this season? To help you achieve that goal, we’ve asked professionals from Enhance Car Care – Professional Grade Car Cleaning Supplies for their tips on car washing and cleaning and here’s what we have learned!

#1 Use Right Suds

Although hand dishwashing detergents are great degreaser, they are not recommended to use on a vehicle’s finish. Yes, these liquids do remove grease, dirt and old wax, but they also suck important oils out of the car paint. Actually, if you use hand dishwashing liquids repeatedly, you’ll shorten your paint job lifetime. Therefore, opt for cleaners formulated for vehicles instead of dish soaps. These products are available at any auto parts store.

#2 Hand Washing is the Best

Hand washing gives you an opportunity to inspect the surface of your vehicle and it lets you become more familiar with it. So, fill one bucket with the right detergent and another one with clean rinse water, which you should use to rinse the wash mitt often. After you’ve finished with washing and rinsing, dry the surface with a rubber-blade squeegee.

#3 Synthetic Wax gives a Mirror Finish

Although carnauba wax produces a warm, deep shine, most professionals prefer the wet-gloss look of paint sealants, newer synthetic waxes. However, some of these products leave a white film on plastic. To avoid this, talk to a specialist to suggest you the best synthetic wax for your vehicle and wanted results. In addition, opt for products that will be easy to apply.

#4 Start Washing Interior at the Top

Many people start cleaning the interior of their vehicles with the carpet shampooing and that’s a terrible mistake. It’s better to clean and vacuum the upper surfaces first and work your way down. The dust can be swept out of the cracks with detailing brushes. After you’ve done all that, vacuum the carpets and use/rent a professional carpet cleaning machine.

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