5 Great Tips to Cut the Cost on Your Car’s Maintenance

A car is the second largest shopping item after a home in an individual’s life. But with fueling and maintenance, its cost continues and doesn’t end with the purchase. However, if you follow some tips, you can save big dollars per year on your car’s maintenance. Here are those tips.

1. Meineke Coupons

Meineke offer coupons with which you can save on various car maintenance tasks, like oil change, brake service, new batteries, tire service and much more. Coupons Deli has thorough information of this service. Through the ‘Meineke near me’ service you can find a Meineke car care center in your area and get the benefits of car maintenance services at discounted rates.

2. Check Owner’s Manual to Know What Your Vehicle Needs

Often car dealerships will hand you a list with recommended maintenance tasks which are actually not necessary. They are interested in their own profit by doing so. But if you know what your car actually needs, you won’t fall into the trap and can save more than hundred dollars.

3. Stay Away from Slamming on Brakes

You know that aggressive driving is hard on your gas mileage. Be easy on your brakes and that will pay you in the form of extended life of your car’s brakes and will give you the proper 20,000 – 30,000 miles instead of 10,000. Remember that if your car is higher-end, its brakes will wear even quicker. If you can avoid changing your brake pads 3-4 times, you can save around $600 to $1,000!

4. Keep Tires Rotating

Front tires of your vehicle wear faster than the rear ones. If you keep them rotating, they will wear evenly and won’t have to be replaced prematurely. Your user’s manual will tell you when to rotate them. This will again save more than one hundred dollars for you.

5. Replace Air Filter

This won’t bring you a great saving, but certainly a small one, but more importantly it will maintain the condition of your vehicle to the top by keeping dirt away from engine and improving fuel economy. You can replace this roughly every 30,000 miles. For exact schedule, check your owner’s manual.

Follow these tips and you will cut the cost on your car’s maintenance and can become a happy driver.

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