Choosing the Best Cordless Handheld Vacuum for Your Car

Handheld cordless car vacuum cleaners have many benefits. In cars, there are many small spaces and corners, to clean which a full-size vacuum is impractical, and handheld ones are just right. There are several cordless handheld car vacuums available on the market like Electrolux EL2021A in which again there are many options of features available. However, this may confuse the buyer about which one is the best suitable to her/him. Here are some tips.

How to Choose the Best Cordless Handheld Car Vacuum?

There are various brands available in cordless handheld vacuums today. They are great for cleaning cars and save your money on car cleaning services. Plus, it’s much easier to hold and bring it to the car.

While choosing a handheld car vacuum, you should first check how many attachments it has. A car has many crannies, nooks and corners that are difficult to reach. Therefore the vacuum should have been designed accordingly.

One more important thing to consider is power. If the vacuum is not powerful, it won’t have sufficient suction power and will leave lots of dirt behind. This means the car may not look and feel better after it is vacuumed.

Also amps and voltages should be considered.

If you take your pets in your car, cleaning the car of their hair is also important. In such a case, a handheld vacuum is a real help. It cleans the pet hair quickly and easily. If you have pets whom you carry in your car, you should look for the ability to clean pet hair efficiently in the handheld cordless vacuum. Some even have special bristles that suck up even the finest pieces of pet hair.

Electrolux EL2021A

Features to Look for

Weight: Heavy car vacuums can give you a lot of strain. You can’t use them for a longer period of time. As there are various sizes and weights available, you should select the lightweight vacuums. They are more expensive, but the extra money is ultimately worth.

Battery: As handheld, cordless vacuums run on batteries, battery is an important thing to consider. They have various running abilities ranging from 5 minutes to 30 minutes or even more on full charge. Besides checking the battery life, you should also check how quickly the battery gets charged, because rapidly charging batteries are energy-efficient and save your money on electricity bill.

Dry and Wet Features: You might want to buy a vacuum with dry-and-wet functionality to ensure total cleaning of car seats and other parts.

Attachments: Number of attachments varies in handheld cordless vacuums from 2 to 4 or more. You can also buy additional attachments.

Visit for a comprehensive comparison and reviews of cordless handheld vacuums which will help you choose the best one for you.

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