How to Help Your Parents Choose the Best Car Insurance Policy

When it comes to choosing the perfect car insurance policy, the internet is king. If your parentsaren’t computer savvy, they may shy away from buying their car insurance online, leaving hundreds of dollars on the table.

If they don’t have access to a computer or tablet, or would prefer not to use one, it’s up to you to help them navigate through the online world in order to find a deal best suited to them.Here are some tips to help you do so.

Age Matters

Those in their 50s and 60s get to enjoy the luxury of lower premiums thanks to their age. Insurance companies deem those in this age category to be safer drivers, so charge them less than others would expect to pay.

Unfortunately, once a parent reaches 70, premiums are likely to go up again. Risk becomes higher at this age, and fewer companies are willing to take these drivers on. After 81, things become even more difficult. It’s highly recommended that you pay to protect the no claims bonus your parent may have if they’re over 70. Without it, they’ll have a tough time getting insured.

Are Their Needs the Same?

Your parents may have started to buy insurance many years ago. Then, their driving habits might have been very different from their habits today. It’s worth reevaluating your parent’s needs before buying anything, just to ensure that he or she isn’t wasting money on needless extras.

Go For the Cheapest Offer

Sadly, loyalty doesn’t pay when it comes to buying car insurance. Even though your parent may have been with a company for a long time, they’re still advised to leave if they find a better deal elsewhere. Many make the mistake of assuming their long-term provider will offer them the best deal because of their continued relationship. That assumption is incorrect.

Don’t Hide the Truth

After the age of 70, a person is required to renew their driving license every few years. At age 70 and above, health problems can start creeping in, ones which can hamper driving ability. It may be tempting for your parent to hide these health problems and pretend that they don’t exist. This is a bad idea. Not only can doing this invalidate an insurance claim, but it can also put their life in danger.


Your parents will certainly be grateful for your help, especially if it saves them a bundle of money. Hopefully the above advice helps you to pick out the deal that is best suited to mum or dad. As always, looking around will usually allow you to find the best price for the coverage you need. If you do happen to find a better deal elsewhere, don’t be afraid to grab it. Loyalty counts for nothing in the world of insurance.

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