Top Tips to Reduce Van Insurance Prices in Northern Ireland

If you have a van in Northern Ireland, it becomes important to keep the cost of its insurance as low as you can, because that way, you can get more profit. You can find a significant difference in the insurance quotes you get, something with which you can be easily daunted. Therefore here are some important things you should consider to get the best van insurance deals in Northern Ireland.

About the Van


In some cases, you can have low insurance by installing a steering lock, engine immobiliser or alarm in your van. Installing a tracker too can lower the premium costs. As far as possible, try to avoid any additions that are not related to security because such additions can increase the cost of your van to replace and/or repair and also attract thieves.

No-claims Bonus

A way to lower the costs of your van insurance is to apply no-claims bonuses. Moreover, if it’s your first van, some insurance providers may allow you to transfer a no-claims bonus from your car.


Vans of larger size and with high-performance engines are often more costly to insure.


The place where you park your van overnight also influences insurance prices. If possible, park your van in a garage or in a safe lock-up.

About Van Insurance

Terms of Payment

If possible, have an annual payment method, so that you can avoid monthly interest charges.

Use and Occupation

Describe what you use your van for as accurately as possible. Do you use it for personal purpose or for business? Does it carry valuable material? So also, describe your occupation accurately, as some job designations may lead to higher premiums.

Added Drivers

Sometimes an added driver can reduce van insurance price, but some other times, especially when the added driver is under 25, cost will increase.

Visit a Local Broker

Vaninsuranceni is a van insurance specialist in Northern Ireland. They have partnered with CompareNI who will send you multiple insurance quotes via email for all levels from third party to fully comprehensive. Visit their site to know more.

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