5 Important Reasons Why You should Perform a Free Car Check

If you’re planning to buy a used car, the first and foremost important thing you should do is to check its history. A PPSR check can offer you information on whether there is any loan on the car or whether it has been reported stolen.

You can have a completely free car check which can provide you more critical details on a second-hand car, such as:

  • History of the vehicle
  • Type of vehicle
  • Odometer analyses
  • Failure records
  • Mishaps backgrounds
  • Fire, hail or flood damage
  • Gas mileage rollback
  • Problems and recalls
  • Lien and foreclosure documents
  • Registration, evaluation, service background
  • Structural problems
  • Personal or commercial use
  • Other important auto specs
perform a free car check while buying a used car

Reasons Why You should Perform a Car Check

Even if you’re an automobile mechanic, you don’t know where the used vehicle you’re planning to buy has been or whether it’s not correctly working or swamped or wrecked. In short, a car check is a must-do for you.

1. Previous Accidents

The free car check also informs you about whether the used car you’re considering has undergone any previous accidents. Mostly, they also show the crash instance number the municipality gives where the accident happened. Whether the airbags were deployed during the crash or not is also revealed in the report. It should also be noted that the person owning the car before might haven’t performed a car check but not with any wrong intention and hence doesn’t know if the car has been met with an accident. So, it’s good for you to perform the car check to know whether such an accident had taken place.

free car check can reveal accident history

2. You’re Saved from Buying a Faulty Car

Most of the times, there is an as-is agreement you have to sign when you buy a used vehicle. There will be a government-mandated customer’s overview window sticker that lets you know that this car has no service warranty. This indicates that you’ll never get a refund, even though you come to know later that the vehicle has formerly been through an accident, repaired and cleaned for regular standing once again. However, if you run a free car check and it indicates that the car had a previous crash, you would never buy that car in the first place and thus you will be saved from all the future pain.

3. Odometer Rollback

The car check also reveals to you if the odometer has been illicitly shortened because the information of gas mileage is collected on every vehicle. Damaging an odometer is a legal offence. Mileage recordings are made during vehicle evaluations, adjustment of possession, registration or servicing. The free car check avails you all these records so that you can find if the odometer of the car has been illegally curtailed.

free car check reveals odometer rollback

4. You can Prove that It’s Not Your Fault if Anything Goes Wrong

If you don’t have a written record about the car’s history and later if you find a fault in the vehicle, the seller can easily blame you for the fault. The seller or vehicle supplier can show a contract signed by you in which you agree that you’re buying the car with all its responsibilities. In that case, you get no return or replacement and you have to accept the faulty car. Therefore you should do the car check.

5. Flooded, Junked and Recovered

A free car check report is also able to show you whether the secondhand car’s title has been branded as flooded, junk, suffered any snow or cyclone damage and recovered, etc. This information is not under the hood, neither is your mechanic able to tell you this. You might have forgotten about a massive flood in a city thousand miles away from you. The vehicles damaged due to the flood are dried, rebuilt, re-branded and shipped to your city, so, you don’t know that the vehicle under your consideration is a flood damaged vehicle. But a free car check can tell you about it.

free car check reveals if there is any flood, fire or hailstone damage

A new or used car comes at a significant price. You definitely don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on a used vehicle that is already damaged and will work only for a short time. A car check can bring you a clear picture about the car and will help you decide if the car is worth buying. So, don’t forget to perform the free car check and get the desired peace of mind.

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