7 Useful Tips for Would-be Tesla Owners

If you are planning to purchase a Tesla Model S or X, it’s a great decision. This electric car is perhaps everyone’s dream car and is indeed a wonder of modern technology. Its capability will amaze you and with the over the air software updates it keeps getting better. Order a Tesla thru this link and get FREE unlimited supercharging! As a would-be Tesla owner, you should know certain things about this marvelous vehicle while driving it for the first time. Here are a few useful tips for you.

1. Remember it’s Weighty

Yes, Tesla weighs more than 2 tons; but you may forget it easily while driving since it’s very powerful and responsive. But remember it especially on icy roads while trying to brake at an intersection.

2. Things to Remember in Cold

Your Tesla may not be very cold-friendly since both regenerative braking and acceleration are limited in cold temperatures (less than 0 degree C). While the car heats itself up eventually when you drive, it makes sense to park it indoors. Even the battery can be preheated in ‘Settings -> Driving -> Preheat battery (or something similar) just beneath the insane mode toggle.

3. Keep the Rear Camera Clean

Since the rear window of Model S is rather small, the rear camera of the car is very helpful. But during winter days, it tends to become quite dirty. So, remember to keep it clean.

tesla s

4. Updated Autopilot

The 7.1 update has improved the autopilot of Model S considerably; however, it may not behave optimally in some cases, e.g. during winter days. You may get a bit of practice to sense when it’s working and when it’s not. However, it’s useful to keep at least one of your hands on or close to the steering wheel as much as you can.

5. Emergency Openers for the Rear Doors

They are situated under the rear floor mat. Front doors are opened mechanically though by pulling the usual handles hard.

6. Power Usage

Accelerating draws around 400000W of power, climate control system draws around 1000W of power and charging your phone will use up 2.5W of power. The range is affected by some things more than other.

7. Charging

Charging is not required more than what’s needed for the trip (with some margins). You don’t have to “fill up” the vehicle the same way as an ICE car. However, when the battery is low, the performance of your car may reduce.

Hope these tips will make your driving experience more wonderful. Happy driving a Tesla!

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