Extended Rides – Your Smooth Way to a New Car Despite Having Poor Credit

Having a poor credit history can be a big hurdle in your way of leasing a car or getting a car loan. Buying or leasing a car with poor credit is extremely difficult no matter if you have a stable job history and income. A history of late payments, huge debt, bankruptcy or repossession are signals to the lender that you can default on your loan repayments and lenders may choose to avoid the costly process of repossessing your car.

However, when you want to drive a car and have a good job, why should you be held back from buying or leasing a car? The situation should certainly change and it will change – with Extended Rides!

Extended Rides is an auto broker and their specialty is getting you a new car even if you’ve a bad credit. So, if you are tired of being rejected by most auto dealerships and lenders, now you won’t have to sit back in disappointment because with Extended Rides, you can get your hands on your dream car.

Extended Rides

How can Extended Rides Help You?

Locating a Car for You

Extended Rides professionals work on your behalf. They do everything for you which starts from locating a new car for you. They have a simple process of locating the car – they narrow down their search to three options where a car of your choice can be found. They do this quite quickly i.e. within just 2-3 days. If you have to do this on your own, it may take months.

Negotiating on Your Behalf

The next process is negotiating on your behalf. You don’t have to do anything in this process. They decide the best price for you and only then they present the car with their negotiated price to you.

Once you approve the car and the price, they search through all your financing options. Here again, you are saved from extensive efforts and legwork. The negotiations with the financing options too are carried out by them. Then they present all those options to you along with possible factory warranty extensions.


The Extended Rides Guru will attend your closing which is a fun part, while all the difficult part has been tackled by the professionals. The Guru will be with you at every step to make sure everything is done as promised. During the buying process, they’ll stand by your side always, unlike most other brokers who send their clients on their own to finalize the deal. Up to the last step in the process, they remain present there to ensure you are happy with the purchase or lease.

Do you know any other service that gives you such a delightful treatment in spite of having bad credit? I am sure, you don’t. So, what are you waiting for? Head towards Extended Rides and walk smoothly to a new car.

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