New Ford Bronco or Classic Bronco – 4 Important Points to Consider

Ford has made an announcement of coming of Bronco 2020 to an assembly line near you. However, a car lover may wonder whether he should buy a 2020 or stick to the Classic Ford Bronco? Here are some helpful things you should know.

1. Looking for Rust in the Classic Ford Broncos

Extreme rust on a classic Ford Bronco or for that matter any vintage car is a deal breaker. Many areas are present on a Bronco that can attract rust, especially points that collect dust and water. Common among these spots are the right and left floor boards, windshield frame region, inner fenders, rocker panels and door posts. Even the inner door frames, particularly around hinges, and the cargo bed floor are also prone to rust. Before you are serious to invest in a classic Ford Bronco, make sure you check all these spots. If you are not sure about what amount of rust is fine, it’s advisable to consult a restoration expert.

2. Mechanism

Ideally you should have good knowledge of the mechanical system of Bronco you’re planning to buy. If you don’t, better take someone who does along with you. Do research on the internet to become aware of the basics, attend a few local shows of classic cars, read the history of the car and talk to those who are Ford Bronco collectors or deal in the cars.

New Ford Bronco or Classic Bronco

3. Uncut

‘Uncut’ is a term used for the rear fenders of the Bronco. The classic Ford Bronco fenders are pretty low in stock form, the meaning of which is that they won’t fit big wheels and tires. It also means that they are unable to deal with major suspension treks and so, people who want to travel on rough mountain roads decide to have them cut. Here you should remember that uncut Broncos are typically pricier because they are often rare. A good thing about uncut Broncos is that they tend to be in a better condition than their cut counterparts that have been used off-road which is the prominent reason of their modification. Another thing to remember is that most uncut Broncos have a 6-cylinger engine.

4. Price

Prices of classic Ford Broncos are shooting up and you may also expect to pay a considerable amount to make substantial restorations in a rusty Bronco. Even project cars that are not ‘roadworthy’ can end up in a few thousands or more and those that are drivable can cost you still much more.

Considering the restoration you may need, 2020 Ford Bronco price may be lower as classic Ford Bronco can cost tens of thousands for restoration. Before you sign a contract, consult a restoration expert to get an estimate. If you need to find and read more about new Bronco, you can visit this page that explains more about new Ford Bronco price.

Remember these points and choose wisely between the classic Bronco and new Bronco 2020 and become a proud owner of a great car.

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