Importance of Replacing Your Damaged Shift Boot Immediately with a High-quality Shift Boot

You might not have thought upon it before, but your shift boot is an important component of your car. It is attached to your gear stick and covers your gear assembly. Since it undergoes a lot of wear and tear over time, it becomes necessary to replace it eventually. In this regard, many people prefer a custom shift boot that helps customize the interior of the car, instead of the factory standard the car comes with.

purple and gold oil spill custom shift boot

Regarding a shifter boot, there are a few things to consider:

Replace Your Broken Boot Immediately

If your existing boot is broken, you should not wait to replace it. You should replace it as early as you can. Leaving a broken shifter boot unattended can create problems for your whole shifting system, and that will turn into a bigger problem, difficult to fix. The shifter boot protects the shifting mechanism.

beige and light blue striped sweater knit custom shift boot

Never Skimp on Quality Boot

Shift boots are usually very reasonably priced and thus if you don’t skimp on them, you can get high-quality boots. A high-quality boot helps you hold up well over time, looks nice and offers adequate level of protection.

beautiful butterflies custom shift boot

Which Material to Choose?

Shift boots are available in vinyl or rubber materials. But you can even get custom shift boot made from stretchable fabric in a range of colors and patterns. Since this material is stretchable, it undergoes less wear and tear. Plus, it offers a dash of colorfulness to your car’s interior which is usually bland gray or black. You can see some of their amazing pictures in this article. Another option is synthetic or real leather. However, leather shift boots are the costliest option, although it’s quite durable.

star power custom shift boot
graffiti art custom shift boot

Benefits of Shift Boot

Besides looking great, the fabric, rubber, vinyl, rubber or leather shift boot on your car offers a valuable service. It prevents dust, dirt and other particles from making their way into the shifter. The shifter is made of several gear-type components that are typically lubricated.

Black Paisley Brights custom shift boot

If the shift boot eventually wears out and gets holes in it, dust and debris enter the shifting system and can prevent it from working correctly. Another problem a worn-out shift boot can cause is that some part of the boot could get trapped in the moving parts of the shifter. In such a case, it can damage the shifter preventing it from shifting correctly. This is a dangerous consequence and can cause accidents because you cannot get your vehicle out of gear or from one gear to another.

Japanese Koi fish custom shift boot

Replace your damaged shift boot with a new one, preferably a fabric custom shift boot, which gives an excellent service for years to come.

Race like Lewis custom shift boot
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