Top 6 Tips to Have Your Auto Lighting in Excellent Condition

Your car’s lighting may seem a regular thing to you; but apart from brakes, it’s the most important safety feature of your car. You should always be aware if the lights are in top working condition and you can ensure that very easily. Here are some tips.

1. Don’t Change Only One of the Lights

Most auto lighting and headlights are sold in pairs for a reason. It’s for keeping consistency in the light quality on each side of your vehicle. This is due to the fact that the light productivity of a bulb reduces in the long run. If you install only one new bulb, you will be getting maximum light production on only that side of the car, whereas the other side may be significantly dimmer.

Only one headlight dimmed may be misleading to you as well as other drivers and a dimmed brake light is just hazardous. If you want to replace one of the bulbs, make sure that you replace the other one at the same time.

2. Consider Upgrading

There are high performance headlights available on the market, which produce 60% to 100% more light than regular bulbs. If you often drive at night, it’s needless to say that you should upgrade to high performance halogens. Another reason to upgrade headlights to higher quality ones is that as we get older, less amount of light reaches the back of our eyes; so we should have brighter lights.

3. Clean Headlights Regularly

While getting gas or just washing the car, observe headlights. You might find that one is completely out or have just become dimmer than the other. Also, don’t forget to examine all the lights at the front side, like low beam headlights, daylight running lights and high beams.

4. Take Help of a Friend for Checking Brake Lights

Brake lights can be checked by making a friend sit in the car and pumping the brakes. Check the speed at which lights turn on, whether one of them is dim or any bulb is burnt out. If there is a discrepancy, it’s better to change the lights.

Also you can tell your friend to turn the lights on and off one-by-one so that you can check them.

5. Consider Using LEDs

LEDs give bright light much quicker than incandescent or even halogen; so, they are perfect as brake lights. This is especially useful in an emergency when every millisecond is important.

6. Check Once a Year

After a year, even if you don’t see your lights burnt out, they receive a considerable toll. So, get them checked once a year and if necessary, change them. has all types of high quality auto lights by reputable brands. Visit their site to see the wide range.

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