Ulturapro Uber Driver Starter Kit – A Must-have for Rideshare Drivers

Ridesharing is an excellent service which offers people who want to reach the same destination a convenience of saving on fuel and parking, burning less gasoline, getting into a higher-speed lane or just enjoying a ride together. You can arrange for a “real-time ridesharing” offered by transportation network companies like Uber, Lyft, Shofer and many others, with just a few taps on a smartphone. However, while the companies are gaining increasing popularity and making profits, the drivers of these convenient vehicles are also important parts of the system. Thinking of these drivers, Trasto.com.au has launched an excellent Ulturapro Uber Driver Starter Kit, which contains things that will give the drivers a seamless driving experience. Let’s see what the ingredients of the kit are and how they can be of use to the drivers.

Phone Cradle/Holder

An Uber driver should have her/his phone with her/him all the time as it’s the only tool to get customers. If the driver gets a call while driving and if s/he receives it holding it in hand or between ear and shoulder, it’s not only illegal, but also extremely dangerous because it can cause an accident. In such a situation, a phone cradle/holder provided in the kit offers a great convenience and safety.

Phone Charger and Aux Cord

Once you become an Uber driver, you have to use all the necessary applications like Uber applications, Google Maps and GPS, which eats up a sizeable part of your phone battery. As mentioned earlier, the phone is an important tool for an Uber driver, almost equally important as the car. But if its battery is drained out, it’s of no use. Therefore a phone charger is also an essential for an Uber driver and so, it has been included in the kit. Along with the charger, the kit also contains an aux cord for young riders who would want to listen to their favorite music and can do that by connecting their phone, MP3 player or iPod to your car radio through the aux cord.

LED Cree Tactic Flashlight Torch

A good torch is essential for an Uber driver because you can’t say where and when the lighting will be poor and you have to see something important, say property numbers, just then. Therefore an excellent LED Cree Tactic Flashlight Torch too has been provided in the kit. It’s also helpful to explore the terrain at night for the safety of the driver and commuters, and also in case of a problem in the engine or tire.

Ulturapro 10-Vomit Bag Pack

You can’t say which of your passengers is sensitive to car smells and/or has a stomach upset. If such a commuter vomits inside your car, it not only causes inconvenience to other commuters, but also poses an additional task to you of getting the car cleaned, which in turn makes you lose business during that time. Therefore the kit provides vomit bags to avoid such tricky situations.

Ulturapro Car Bin Trash Bag

Another tricky situation is getting dirty commuters who leave a lot of litter on the backseat without your knowledge and then you have to clean all the litter rather than carrying commuters. To save you from such a situation, the Ulturapro kit provides car bin trash bag which you can place at the back of the driver or passenger seat.

Ulturapro Back Seat Cooler Bag Car Organizer

Car network companies push their drivers to provide drinking water to the commuters and in that case a cooler bag car organizer is certainly a great help for the drivers; so, it is provided in the kit. The organizer has various compartments for holding additional stuff like mint as refreshment for the commuter.

So, if you are a driver of a ridesharing company, the Ulturapro Uber Driver Starter Kit is of tremendous use to you and you should get one at once.

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