5 Trends Set by JDM Carmakers

Japanese car manufacturers have created their own identity in the world automobile market as JDM or Japanese Domestic Market/Model. The automobiles and their parts created here are so unique and innovative that the car manufacturers across the world are tempted to copy them. Many such innovations have become trend-setters in the world of automobiles. Here we have enlisted 5 such products that are considered the most ideal for their unique properties.

1. Turbo Kits

The trend of providing the aftermarket turbo kits is accredited to Japanese automakers who started it in 1974. It was when the first aftermarket turbocharger was created by Hiroyuki Hasegawa, the creator or HKS Japan, for passenger cars.

2. Body Kits

One of the first JDM body kits was Veilside introduced in the early 90s, long before the rise of F&F craze. Being the new fundamental concept in body design, it became hugely popular soon among the owners of RX7 (FD3S) and Supra. Veilside and other companies like Mugen gave rise to a new concept which was followed rapidly by US carmakers who started creating their own body kits.

3. Exhaust Systems

One of the first companies was A’PEXi, a JDM manufacturer, to design a bolt-on exhaust system known as “Dunk” featuring a canister-like muffler which was never heard of in those times. Though the canister-like muffler was of a size larger than the standard oval muffler, the Dunk canister got popular like wildfire across Japan and then in markets like US as a new must.

4. Carbon-fiber

Carbon-fiber, the much more durable and lightweight equivalent of fiberglass was introduced by Ford in 1977, but it was JDM automakers who implemented CF on their weekend track cars and daily drivers to reduce weight.

5. Turbo Timers

Though there is no proof that it was Japan that first to design the turbo timer, a fascinating piece of information connects it to HKS, dating back to the early 80s. Performance lovers found the turbo timer a priceless tool as it makes the engine pass through a cooling period to avoid premature turbo failure. Today this ordinary-looking yet effective tool is used in each and every performance turbo car.

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