3 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Car Undamaged during Coronavirus Lockdown

During these days of coronavirus lockdown, you may not remember that your car is sitting and is going to sit that way for long and it can cause hefty repair bills. Its battery can become dead, tires can get degraded, and virtually each of its moving parts can become imperfect to a certain degree due to the lack of lubrication. Oh, did it shock you as you just now knew it? I am sorry. But don’t worry. You can avoid the damage to your beloved car with just a few tips. Here they are.

It’s true that the best way to prevent corona from spreading is to stay at home. But it’s not good for your car’s health. The longer your dear car stays inactive, the higher is the risk of getting it permanently damaged or having to pay a bewildering repair bill. Fortunately, there are online sources like PieceCar available that can help you a lot in providing spare parts for cars at reasonable rates and helpful tips about car repair and maintenance. Here are a few such helpful tips.

1. Drive at Regular Intervals

We all know that going out is strictly against the corona-spread rules. But driving once per week or so is important for your precious asset called car. The reason for giving the car a regular drive is that its batteries tend to discharge over time and driving the car at regular intervals is the easiest way to prevent a dead battery.

However, the frequency of driving is not the same for every car. It depends on the age of a car, climate, condition of the car’s battery and whether your car is parked indoors or outdoors.

For example, a new, garaged car may remain in a better condition while sitting than an old car parked in the open. Remember that batteries typically drain more quickly in cold climates.

It’s important to remember that you should drive the car at regular intervals.

2. Get a Trickle Charger

If for some reason, it’s not possible for you to drive a car on your day of driving, try getting a trickle charger. This is a device that you can plug into your regular electric outlet and attach to your car battery’s terminals. Thus you can keep your battery charged. High-end sports cars like Porsche and Audi have a higher risk of their batteries getting drained quickly. A trickle charger proves an important investment in such situations.

car sitting in corona lockdown

3. Drive for the Lubrication of Moving Parts

The norm of driving regularly applies also for the lubrication of the moving parts of your car. Without a movement, the engine and other mechanical parts of your car is at a risk of drying out, because sitting for too long makes oil to settle, fluids to separate and seals to dry out. All these can cause damage to your car.

If you drive your car for a short period, fluids will circulate and ensure all the moving components stay well lubricated.

Stay safe in these coronavirus times, but keep your car safe too by following these tips.

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