ParkAid – Programmable Parking Device for a Stress-free and Perfect Parking

Knowing how to park your car perfectly is as important as knowing how to drive perfectly. But to many drivers it is quite confusing and some drivers cannot park perfectly even though they have years of driving experience. But not anymore! A new programmable parking device is available now called ParkAid! Once installed it enables you to park your car at exactly the same place, every time!

Why should You Park Perfectly?

Learning to park perfectly is important for good urbanism as well as to avoid damage to your car.

Especially if your garage is small as compared to your car, there are high chances that the car will scratch against the walls and get damaged. Also if you have to park in a small space anywhere else, your car is at the same risk.

And here, the ParkAid comes into picture. This device lets you find the exact space where you had parked your car yesterday and before that, so that you can park it on that exact spot.

How does ParkAid Work?

ParkAid has rows of LED lights which indicate whether you have achieved the exact position of parking. These lights light up with the help of two types of proximity sensors. The lights are extremely bright and are blue and red. Blue LED lights light up in rows after rows while your car is achieving the exact position and once it achieves the perfect position, red LED lights light up which means that you should stop because your car is now standing on a perfect position. It’s that simple!

start parking

achieving the exact position

exact position achieved

The process eliminates the chance of bumping your car against walls or neighboring cars, and getting damaged. It saves you from costly repairs and also reimbursements you incur because of damaging others’ cars or property.

You can order ParkAid online and delivery is FREE anywhere in the world!

So, what are you waiting for? Get ParkAid now and be ready for a stress-free and perfect parking!

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