Halogen, HID or LED Bulbs?

If you need to buy car bulbs, you have probably realized there are tons of available options on this market. With so many great opportunities, it’s easy to become little confused. When purchasing car bulbs, the first thing you need to decide is what kind of power source you’re looking for. In general, there are 3 main bulb types based on their power source: LED, xenon HID and halogen. We’re here to help you with this review of the car light bulbs types, their pros and cons.

Although halogen bulbs are the oldest car bulb type, they are still popular today. These bulbs have a filament made of tungsten which becomes hot and creates light when current is flowing through. Due to the fact that they are filled with a halogen gas, these car light bulbs won’t turn black. Halogen bulbs are very affordable and easy to produce. In fact, the vast majority of vehicles use halogen light bulbs as interior lights and headlights because they are easy to replace once they burn out. On the downside, halogen bulbs aren’t as long-lasting nor bright as LED or xenon HID bulbs.

Xenon HID car light bulbs are better than halogen bulbs in so many ways. An electric arc between 2 electrons in the HID bulb is used to create light. They are filled with a xenon gas that provides brighter, whiter light than a halogen gas. For this reason, more and more drivers opt for xenon HID bulbs, especially when shopping for headlight bulbs. Nevertheless, for the vehicle interior and other applications these bulbs aren’t an ideal solution. In case your vehicle has halogen light bulbs and you want to switch to xenon HID, there are HID conversion kits that can help you with that, but they aren’t road legal. Another disadvantage of xenon HID light bulbs is that they can be quite costly.

LED light bulbs present another new and improved technology. They consist of light-emitting diodes, hence the acronym LED. These diodes turn electrons into light as they’re passing through. A lot of light can be produced this way without wasting too much energy. Even though LED light bulbs are used primarily as interior vehicle lights, there are conversion kits for headlights too. In fact, because of their lifespan and style, car headlight bulbs LED lamps have become more popular and available. Once you install them, you don’t have to swap them for many years, which is another benefit of LED bulbs.


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