5 Amazing Tips to Sell Junk Cars for Money

If you are wondering about what to do of your junk car, cheer up. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that you can make money on it, even though it’s totally rickety and rusty.

You’ll just have to do a little homework, figure out its worth and check how much buyers will be ready to pay for it. If you get an exact idea of what you have, you can ensure you get maximum cash for junk cars. Here are a few useful tips.

1. Prepare Your Car

First of all, you have to evaluate your car about how ‘junky’ it is. A junked car can be defined as the one that is so damaged that it can’t be repaired and can only be sold for parts. Find out if the car can be driven or it’s totally immovable. Check if there are areas with severe damage. Also find out if it has any valuable parts such as tires in good condition or a GPS system or the alternator.

Writing down everything you notice is a good idea so that you can give an accurate description of your car to determine its price while selling.

2. Find the Title of the Car

To prove that it’s your own car, you’ll need to have its title. Most junkyards will buy your car only if you prove that it’s yours. While transferring it to the junkyard, you will have to sign the title over to them. If you don’t sign it, you will technically still be its owner though have nothing to do with it.

3. Check the State’s Requirements for Junked Car

The DMV of every state works differently for relinquishing junk vehicles. When you want to discard your junk vehicle, research about the rules and regulations of your own state.

cash for junk cars

4. Comparing Quotes

Call around various junkyards in your area but only after you assess the particulars of your vehicle. You should be able to give them a detailed description of your car so as to enable them to give you an exact quote. Make a note of the various quotes you obtain from different junkyard so that you can compare them.

5. Ask about the Procedure

Some junkyards will disassemble the car on their own while others may pay you to do that so as to save their time. Also, some come to you to tow the car while some others require you to take the car to them. Ask about what their procedure is and what documents they’ll need from you. JunkAClunker does everything for you and you don’t have to do anything other than receiving cash for your car. Find such a junkyard and that will be convenient for you.

Follow these tips and you’ll be happy to get cash for the stuff you wanted to throw away.

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