What Should You Do to Protect the Ceramic Coating of Your Car

Ceramic coating has recently gained a lot of popularity and you might read a lot about it on the internet. So, are you planning to get the same for your car, but are in doubt whether or not it’s worth? You might also wonder what ceramic coating exactly is. So, let’s explore the topic, and also how to maintain the ceramic coating.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Before even looking for the best Ceramic Coating Services in your area, you may want to know what ceramic coating actually is. Ceramic coating was originally designed for the oil and space industry. Later 9h ceramic technology expanded to automotive industry because it proved to be so useful. To understand what 9H ceramic coating is, you may simply imagine a second layer on human skin. Thus, ceramic coating is a sacrificial layer for protecting your car’s clear coat. Ceramic coating uses nanotechnology that uses tiny particles that form a superior thin layer that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Since these particles are so small, they manage to seal all the pores present on the surface while being applied there, thus making the surface hydrophobic (water repellent) and even resistant to UV scratches, extreme heat, chemicals and even anti-graffiti. This outstanding 9h ceramic layer is fully transparent.

Ceramic Coating Services

The nano ceramic coating seems to create a semi-permanent bond with a car’s surface, resulting in a ‘sacrificial’ layer that would not get washed away under cleaning, washing and even in the rains. Typically, it lasts for years. Its ability to repel water and dirt is unmatched and thus makes it super easy to clean. Thanks to its hardness, it’s easy to prevent swirl marks and small scratches from washing.

Ceramic coatings not only protect your vehicle but also give it a glossy look, and thus offers excellent visibility and keeps your car clean for a prolonged period. Ceramic coatings work always better than sealants and waxes because of their long-lasting results. Super ceramic coating is a multi-layer-able, liquid, clear nano-ceramic coating. When cured, this technology will turn itself on the surface into a durable yet flexible glass shield. You can describe super ceramic coating as an additional clear coat with thrice the hardness and self-cleaning properties.

Thus, it’s obvious that such a valuable protective layer needs to be maintained so that you can benefit from it for years. There are certain particular guidelines regarding proper protection of the ceramic coating. But before knowing them, there’s no harm in revising some basic car washing principles.

Basic Car Washing Principles

Firstly, you should wash your car regularly. You may think that since you have now got ceramic coating or paint protection film from the ceramic coating services, you need not wash the car so often. But no, your car will still need proper and frequent washing. For car washing, the two-bucket method has been very popular for a long time and is also easy to use. All it means is taking two buckets, one containing your car wash soap and the other containing pure water. Once you wash a panel with your car wash brush, the dirt may get on to your brush. Before placing the brush in the car wash solution, rinse it thoroughly in the water. This will reduce the chances of the dirt getting back again on to your car. Repeat the step until the car is clean. Next important thing to remember is not to wash your car in direct sunlight or in high temperatures or when the paint is hot, i.e., right after the car painting. By doing so, water will evaporate quickly and won’t show any water spots if there are any on your car. Sometimes, the heat invigorates the car wash chemical and affects the life of the vehicle. It’s also important to use proper material to wash the car. Choose the best among the many car washing products, brushes and microfiber mitts available in the market, so, your car is properly clean. Never use any soaps or products not meant for cars. There are high chances that they’d damage your car. So, using only dedicated car washing products is advisable. Last but not the least, it’s important to wash wheels which you may forget or avoid just due to laziness. As wheels are the dirtiest parts of a vehicle, never miss washing them properly. Otherwise, the dirt may pile up and create problems and bad performance in the long run.

What After Washing?

Now as you’ve got the ceramic coating from the best ceramic coating services, you should know what to do to protect your investment. Firstly, remember not to wax after the coating, so, wax won’t be stuck in the bond with the coating. Here you can opt for something called Ceramic Pro Care which is an after-wash care product available in car showrooms and also online. Once the coat has cured, you can apply a carnauba wax over the paint. Make sure the wax is strictly a wax and doesn’t have any ‘cleaners’ in it. It will add some gloss, and thus enhance the ‘wet look’ of the car.

Different Soap for Nanocoating

Nano coating evolved from nanotechnology. Basically, this coating is some small particles that are not visible to naked eye on the car. When they are applied on a surface, they block all the pores making the surface repellent to water, UV rays, extreme heat and chemical. This 9H ceramic layer is completely transparent. It’s often advised to use the latest aggressive solution possible to maintain your car’s health. But you don’t need a heavy-duty soap if your coating is doing half the cleaning. Instead, a gentle wash soap for nanocoating would be more useful.

No Automatic Wash Please

You’re probably concerned about preventing scratches, if you’ve got a nanocoating. But never use automatic wash as automatic washes use highly abrasive bristles that retain all the scratch-prone contaminants from former washes. If you use it, your vehicle will have a micro-marred coting even if it’s 9H.

Once you have a ceramic coating, you’ll love to see how water, dirt, mud and other contaminants slide off your vehicle. But if you don’t wash your car regularly and expose it to harmful UV rays always, it might form a rise in the surface energy and eventually reduce the hydrophobic properties. A high-quality ceramic coating will give your car an ‘always wet’ look but if you neglect the coating, the protective layer will thin and the shine will eventually be gone. All in all, if you’re planning to get ceramic coating for your car, you should learn and be prepared to protect it with the above tips, so, you can enjoy a shining car for years.

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