Importing Your Car to Australia from the UK

There are many reasons to ship your car to Australia from the UK. You may be moving down under and simply have a sentimental attachment to your vehicle. Other folks may find it is cheaper to ship their auto than to buy a new one after the move. Let’s take a look at what it takes to ship a car to Australia.

Research Your Options

Be sure to explore all the details and charges that are involved in shipping your automobile. The first thing to be aware of is that you must be a permanent resident (or plan to be) of Australia. Otherwise you will not receive final import approval until you are actually in the country with your passport stamped. There are many fees involved, and you should be sure you can afford them. Be sure you have checked out all the governmental regulations associated with shipping a vehicle to Australia.

Shipping Options

You will want to figure out the best shipment option for your vehicle. The roll on roll off method or RORO as it may be called, involves simply driving a car onto the ship’s deck and driving it off when you reach your destination. This is the least expensive method. The consolidation method is used for shipping 3 or 4 cars at once in a 40-foot high container. The exclusive container method uses one container to hold one car, and this is the most expensive method.

Vehicle Import Approval

The Vehicle Import Approval is one of the first things that is required when shipping a car to Australia. In fact, if the Approval is not properly completed, your car will be held by the Customs and Border Protection Service until it is satisfactorily completed and paid for. The fee is $50, and that is paid to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. There are several UK car importers who specialise in importing cars from UK to Australia that can make the paperwork much easier for you.

Documents Required

There are a number of documents you will have to have when shipping your auto. Make sure you have the current registration papers handy as well as the Vehicle Import Approval. You will also need to have a passport or driver’s license and an international driving permit if required. And of course proof of insurance will be needed too.

Shipping Costs

Before you even get the car to the ship, you will have to have it steam cleaned to reduce the risk of it being quarantined. The Australian authorities will inspect your vehicle from top to bottom to make sure there is no quarantine risk. Your vehicle may be quarantined for dirt in the wheels, underneath the car, or elsewhere. Even soil, leaves, and seeds inside the car may cause it to fail the inspection.

If it fails, you will have to have it cleaned again at your expense. You will also have to remove all air-conditioning gases and gasoline. There may be other import approval conditions that must be satisfied. These conditions may include replacing the brake fluid, installing new brake pads, and replacing gas headlights with halogen lights.

Car Financing in Australia

What if you need to have your import car finance in Australia? A good company like Harley Finance can help you with this. They are specialists in helping people who may be unable to get a finance approval. Harley is known for Start-Up Business Financing, Imported Car Financing, Owner-Driver Financing, and much more.

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