Top Tips to Buy Perfect Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are today’s best marketing tools because they are so effective and at the same time cost-effective too. Rather than paying a significant amount for a 30-second TV commercial or a one-month highway banner ad, you can use vehicle wraps as a marketing solution that goes on for years and come at a fraction of the cost. Vehicle wraps provide eye-catching designs, colors and a detailed messaging, and gives you a brand exposure to countless potential customers, whether the vehicle is being driven on the highway or parked in a heavily foot-trafficked area. Here are tips to buy the very useful vehicle wraps.

Types of Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are made by printing on sheets of calendered or cast vinyl. The basic difference between these two is durability. Calendered vinyl is best for a short term like 3 to 12 months, while cast vinyl is perfect for a long term i.e. for 1 to 5 years.

Calendered Vinyl: Calendered vinyl snaps back to its original position after you stretch it, which means that it doesn’t match well to vehicles. However it is much cheaper than its cast vinyl counterpart and can be manufactured in higher quantities. So, if you want a wrap for a few months only, this option is suitable, particularly if it is to be used on a flat surface like that of a box truck, but not suitable for long-term advertising.

Cast Vinyl: This is a premium material that can be stretched easily to best match to the surface of the vehicle. When it is brushed over with clear laminate, it gives a paint-like finish to the vehicles, not only to buses and cars, but also to boats.

Apart from the flexibility it offers, cast vinyl is more preferred since the sheets don’t shrink much during production and also their color is maintained better during printing. However cast vinyl wraps are relatively more expensive than calendered vinyl wraps and is not advisable if you want a vehicle wrap for not more than a year.


There are various methods of wrapping a vehicle, based on how much surface is to be covered.

Complete Wrap: This is the right choice when the entire surface is to be covered. It includes a perforated window film called “window perfs” covering glass surfaces without hampering driver’s visibility.

Half Wrap: This is used when only half the vehicle is to be covered on the backside. It also includes a logo for the hood.

Spot Graphics/Vinyl Lettering Only: This is an inexpensive and simple solution which may include a company logo, 1-2 colors and/or a call of action upon the vehicle’s sides.

Window Graphics Only: In this, graphics are printed only on window perfs. make it easy for you to find the perfect local vehicle wrap company to print, design and install it for you. They suggest you just the right vendor for your need, whether it is color change wraps for your personal vehicle or business advertising for your company vehicle. Visit their website to take a look at the huge database of vehicle wrap companies.

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