Tyre Maintenance for Dummies

Medium Runway Enduro tyreDid you know that an average driver spends about $2,000 on his car for no reason? It is literally for no reason, like throwing the money away. These two thousand dollars are the calculated amount of money that one can save if he or she only took care of their car, and especially their tyres. Summer is quickly approaching, and with that the need to prepare your car for the hot weather and asphalt. So what you should do in situations like this one?

Be prepared

The key of being a natural winner is to always think in advance. Yes, summer is coming inevitably, and the asphalts will burn on the blazing and merciless sun. Your job is to protect your car, by providing it with a proper set of tyres.

It is important to monitor the tyre pressure, for this is the main reason why people lose money. On average, when you drive with under-inflated tyres, with every refueling $2 are wasted. You could get a bit better mileage with your tyres properly inflated. If you don’t know how to do this, take your car to the nearest mechanic. But this should be a simple thing to do, and you could check your tyres at any local gas station (there should be a gas pressure pump). The pressure of the tyres is usually written somewhere on your car, like on the door sill, or on the inside of the filler cap. Keep them inflated to as much as the writing says; over-inflated tyres can put your drive in danger, and cause accidents through steering problems, or potential exploding possibilities. Measure the tyre pressure only when a tyre is cold, or before making any trips. The process of driving heats up the air in the tyres, causing them to expand or the pressure to rise.

medium Event tyre

Remember to change tyres every when their time is due. There is no general rule of life expectancy and it depends on a number of factors including your driving style, surface, type of tyre, temperature, etc. Once the time comes for a new set of tyres, you will find a huge amount of options that will potentially save your budget. If you cannot guess when a moment for a tyre change has arrived, a visit to the mechanic will do the trick. But, it is in fact a simple thing to notice. Just pay attention to your tyres, watch their progress and how much they wore off. If you spot any deformities anywhere on the tyre such as bubbles, or deep cracks, you should have your tyres checked by a tyre dealer or auto parts and service centers. Replacing a worn-out tyre usually means replacing more than one at the same time. It is recommended that you replace at least two at the time, if not all 4, and also try to replace the front or the back tyres at the same time.

Pay attention to your car tyres, and for maximum performance and a budge save, give them a general check-up on a weekly basis.

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