Electric Cars – the Cars of Tomorrow

Electric vehicles (EVs) are powered only by electricity. They have one or multiple electric motors for propelling the car. These motors run on rechargeable battery packs. Electric motors don’t lag behind the traditional cars in terms of design too. Take a look at the fantastic car designs created by Ulozi Motors Company, a new electric car company launching this year, and you will realize that you can have a plethora of designs in electric vehicles. Here are some prominent benefits of electric cars over traditional vehicles.

Energy Efficiency

Electric cars convert around 59% to 62% of electric energy to power at the wheels from the grid, whereas traditional gasoline vehicles can convert only around 17% to 21% of the gasoline energy to power at the wheels. So, electric vehicles are much more energy efficient.

Eco-friendly Cars

No tailpipe pollutants are emitted by electric cars (though the site of electricity production may emit them). No air pollutants are emitted by electricity plants running on solar, wind, water and nuclear energy.

Better Performance

EVs give smooth and quiet operation and more powerful acceleration. They also need less maintenance than internal combustion engines (ICEs).

Reduction of Energy Dependence

Electricity is a domestic source of energy and so, EVs reduce energy dependence.

However, there are some challenges too faced by EVs, like:

Driving Range

Driving range of EVs is characteristically restricted to 60 to 120 miles when the vehicle is fully charged, though some models have reached up to 200 to 300 miles.

Recharging Time

Prolonged recharging time, which can be 4 to 8 hours, of the battery pack is also a drawback of EVs. A “fast charge” too to 80% capacity is 30-minutes long.

Cost of Battery

The large batteries are costly and also may need to be changed one or multiple times.


Battery packs are weighty and also occupy a sizable space in the vehicle.

However, these drawbacks are expected to be overcome soon with the designers’ continuous efforts to make EVs better and better. Definitely, electric vehicles are the cars of tomorrow.

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