Interesting Information about Logos of Top 3 Car Brands You Must Know

A logo of a company is something from which the company is known. Automakers are not an exception. Automobile buffs may get excited just by looking at the logos of companies of their favorite vehicles. Such is the power of a logo. Logos of world-famous automakers have created a lasting impression in the automobile market for years. But do you know the logic and history of the designs of these logos? Here’s the information of logos of 3 of world’s most popular automakers which you’ll definitely find interesting.

1. Toyota

Japanese automaker Toyota is one of the most popular brands among car-lovers. People usually describe it as a reliable and durable brand, which justifies its high price to some extent. If you’re looking forward to buying a car and using it for a long period of time, Toyota may be your best bet. Why is Toyota logo interesting? It’s because, its two ovals inside the larger oval represent the heart of the customer and the heart of the company denoting mingling of company’s heart with that of the customers’. Then, the two perpendicular ovals which are overlapping symbolize a “T” for Toyota and a steering wheel, which represents the vehicle. Each oval differs in stroke thickness, similar to “brush art” in the Japanese culture.

Toyota logo

2. Volkswagen

German automaker Volkswagen stands for “people’s car” and this was coined by Adolf Hitler. The car is often high-priced but offers a rewarding driving and ownership experience. In the beginning, this was supposed to be a cheaper alternative to the cars being sold then. Hitler gave the specifications, but the specifications would turn the vehicle into a military car for an army, not the people. Volkswagen logo is one of the simplest of car logos and its creator, according to some people, was a Porsche employee, Franz Xaver Reimspeiss, while some other people believe that it was created by Martin Freyer, a winner of the logo design contest. The logo contains a simple overlapping V representing Volks and W standing for Wagen, thus representing the company name.

Volkswagen logo

3. Hyundai

Hyundai can be defined as a newcomer when it comes to the American marketplace. This Korean automaker has improved a lot during the last decade. These are the cars which provide great satisfaction to customers combined with an affordable price. This is what the company is most famous for. While the logo obviously denotes H standing for Hyundai, it’s actually a silhouette of two men shaking hands, symbolizing a company representative and a satisfied customer.

Hyundai logo

All in all, logos are very important for these and all other automobile companies and carry a great meaning. Looking at the logos of each automaker, you may feel inspired by the story of their creation and how they got established in the market. You may develop a hobby of collecting information of these logos and actually enjoy it!

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