5 Fuel Saving Tips

Are you unhappy with how much you’re spending on gas? If your love affair with 4×4 is never-ending, we’re here to help you save on gas! We’ve asked experts from Mike’s Fuel Parts to give us some 5 simple tips regarding this matter and here’s what we have found out!

1 – Check Your Tires

One of the most common reasons for a lower gas mileage are under-inflated tires. In order to prevent this problems, keep a close eye on a tire pressure. To get the best fuel economy, invest in a portable air compressor or nitrogen gas tire service. Another reason of excessive fuel spending is uneven tire balancing, since it’s forcing a vehicle to work harder, while reducing the aerodynamics of a ride. Any balance or alignment issue should be fixed immediately.

2 – Air Filter: Clean & Clear

A purpose of an air filter is to keep harmful debris and dirt from entering an engine chamber. However, a grime on the filter eventually builds up which restricts airflow and hurts gas mileage. From time to time, make sure your air filter is in top-performing condition.

3 – Regular Tune-ups and Engine Components Checking

If an engine is clean and properly running, it will keep a vehicle at its best. So, be on time with general maintenance and tune ups. For a huge engine and gas mileage boost, try fuel catalysts.

4 – Timely Oil Changes

One of the leading causes of engine failure of older vehicles is surely engine build up. If you change oil on regular basis, your oil will stay and the engine will remain clean. So, for improving vehicle longevity and long term gas mileage, oil changes are actually one of the most important maintenance procedures.

5 – Moderate Use of AC

Yes, summer months can be so hot and you need to use AC. Nevertheless, when the cool air is turned on, the drive belt has to work harder to operate the unit while propelling a vehicle. The harder the engine works, the more gas it burns. So, try to use AC in moderation and you’ll noticeably improve gas mileage. You can also park in the shade to keep your car cooler or invest in a sun shade for a windshield.

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