Common Car Key Problems and Solutions

It’s always the best to have an excellent auto locksmith at hand who can be a lifesaver in situations like car lockouts, ignition problems and remote problems. However, the mental trauma we go through in such situations is undesirable and no one wants to experience it. Can we avoid it? Yes, we can. Here are some useful tips.

Get a Copy/Copies of Your Car Keys

In the situation of losing your car key, if it’s only one, is going to cost you a lot! It’s smart to get another key made using your VIN or pull locks and originate a key. The VIN way is less pricey but you can use it only if you are sure that your ignition has not been replaced any time.

Like several older GM models, VATS keys will be the priciest to replace. VATS keys have a certain value which should be ‘found’ by cutting different keys. Newer car models feature transponder keys which have electronic components fitted in the head of the key. With the remote access built in them, they can cost hundreds of dollars and your car should be programmed to identify them. This means that a car locksmith will have to be near your car to do the job. If your vehicle has a laser cut key, you are most likely to tow your vehicle to the dealer. If your locksmith can work with laser cut keys, he can offer it for much lower cost than the dealer.

Here’s an awesome tip. For cars with transponder keys too, you can get an old-fashioned mechanical key created. It won’t start the ignition but will guarantee that you will never be locked out. It contains the cuts for your vehicle. So, in the event of loss of your last working key, it’s not necessary for a locksmith to pull the locks to create a new one. The mechanical key can just be copied to a transponder key blank and programmed to the vehicle.

Key Sticking While Turning Ignition

This can happen due to two things. First problem can be wearing out of the key like any other object. With time those sharp cuts smooth out to look like blunt hills rather than pointed mountains. After enough wearing, the key will stop opening locks. This will happen mostly without your notice (as you don’t keep observing your car key, right?); so, it will happen suddenly. A car locksmith can find the original cuts and cut a factory-fresh one. Now make a habit of keeping this key in a drawer, so that you always have a fresh key to use.

The other problem may be with the ignition. Just like the key, the wafers may bend and break with time and keep you stranded one day. Don’t worry as a professional locksmith can solve this problem too. is a leading car locksmith Columbus OH and provides a range of auto, residential and commercial locksmith services. 24-hour service, fast response and affordable pricing make them unique and reliable. Visit their site to know more.

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