Get the Feeling of Having a Brand New Car!

Remember the feeling when you got your first brand new car? When you arrived at your new car – how it was shining in the sun! You gracefully took the keys out, opened the door and entered the car! Ah! The smell of a fresh, new car, it was unmatched, right? As days passed, that feeling faded a little, and now the car has not remained new, but you still remember the feeling! Well, the car cannot be made brand new again, unless you actually buy a new one, but your existing car can be made freshly clean and shining like brand new, with something called car detailing! And I know a company which is not only famous for detailing, but also for their exclusive products with which you can DIY your car’s detailing. It is National Detailers, Inc.

National Detailers, Inc. or NDI started in 1997 as a small company run from home in Tennessee of Jim and Teri Rooney which grew into a big enterprise during the period of 17 years of honesty, sincerity and dedication. To start with they were providing auto show and event detailing to some select car manufacturers. Later they became leaders in the field of auto shows and special events, providing automobile presentations, management and logistics to leading brands across the United States and Canada.

NDI has gained valuable experience throughout their business while working with auto manufacturing tycoons like Bentley, Ford, Volkswagen, Porsche, General Motors and Chrysler, and contributed in the creation of their latest vehicle lines and exclusive cars and prototypes shine at automobile events and consumer-facing presentations.

NDI Group makes its presence at all the major and largest auto shows across North America, and also lots of other high-end events like Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, MLB All-Star Game, Indy Car Series, CMA and more.

NDI Reveal their Show-shine Secrets!

A good company always listens to what the market says and NDI is doing the same – listening to the market, which is why it’s called a good company! After years of experience and understanding carefully what the clients want, National Detailers, Inc. has now decided to start sharing some of their “show-shine” secrets with car owners and enthusiasts so that can make their cars like brand new!

As a first step into this mission, they have introduced their new product NDI Quick Shine, their super-hit Auto Show Formula! This is now available exclusively on their website for the first time! So also, they have many of their topnotch products available for consumers which they themselves use to achieve a world-class shine tor their clients.

As the next step in the program, they will be launching their first ever retail auto salon in Alcoa, Tennessee.

Just check out their website to get knowledge about the world-class brands they use for making a car like brand new; some of them are Nanoskin, Rupes, Microfiber, and more. You can see an extensive range of car cleaning and shining products like auto-scrub startup kits, car wash, all purpose cleaners, auto-scrub pads and mitts, car dusters, anti-fog interior glass treatment, foam pads, fine grade sponges, towels, bubble-bath wash and shine shampoos, metal and glass cleaners and polishes, and more.

So, if you want to take advantage of their high-class products and services, visit their website.

Get the feeling of having a brand new, shining car with National Detailers, Inc.!

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