Make Your Car Look Dazzling with these Car Detailing Tips

Car detailing is not just the usual vacuum and wash task. It refers to giving keen attention to small details that together make the car look dazzling. While detailing your car, it is recommended to start from the interior so that you need not worry about making the exterior dirty again, while detailing the interior.

Detailing the Interior

ineterior cleaningFirst remove all floor mats and vacuum them, along with vacuuming upholstery, trunk, dash and the rear parcel shelf, if you have it. Slide all the seats forward and backward so as to vacuum the carpet below thoroughly.

Go from top to down. If you clean the down side first, the dirt accumulated on the upper side will fall down and make it dirty again.

Carpet and Upholstery

To clean stains on upholstery or carpet, use a foam cleanser and rub it in with a damp sponge or cloth. Allow to settle for some minutes and then blot dry with a towel. Repeat if the stain persists. Once the stain is removed, wash the spot with a damp sponge and once again blot dry. Here you should make sure that you have dried the fabric at the spot as much as possible. If it remains there, it may promote growth of mold/mildew and all your detailing efforts may be in vain.

Removing Burns, Holes or Permanent Stains

There may be small burns, holes or permanent stains in carpet which you can remove by cutting those spots out using scissors or a razor blade. Take a piece from a hidden place and attach it on the cut spot. Make use of a water-resistant glue to keep it down.

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Washing Rubber Mats

Next wash the rubber mats and dry them. After they are dried, give a coat of a non-slippery dressing on them so that the driver’s feet won’t slide and slip while trying to do some important things like braking.

Cleaning Buttons and Crevices

Make use of detailing brushes and compressed air to clean the dirt accumulated within buttons and gaps on the interior doors, dash, etc.

Cleaning Seats

Good detail is indicated by clean seats. However, cleaning methods differ for different types of seats. Make it a point to vacuum the seats and their surrounding after you clean them. If the seats are made of cloth like nylon, they can be shampooed using a wet-vac extraction machine. If they are leather or vinyl, use a leather or vinyl cleaner.

Detailing the Exterior

exterior cleaningUse a wheel cleaner or degreaser, and brush and brush the rims. Clean the wheel rims first because here most of the dirt accumulates. You may have to let the cleaning agent for a while – at least for half to 1 minute.

Then wash tires with tire cleaner (whitewall or black-walls). Use tire dressing. Let it get soaked or wipe it off and on with a cotton cloth to offer it a glossy finish.

Keep the electronic parts under the hood wrapped in plastic. Spray everything with a degreaser and then spray down using a pressure washer.

Dress up non-metal parts below the hood using vinyl/rubber protectant. If you allow it to soak in, it will offer a glossy finish. For a matte finish, wipe it out.

Washing the Car with Soap

Use soap and not dish detergent for washing your car’s exterior. Before you start washing, park the car in a shady place and allow its surface to completely cool. A microfiber towel is recommendable to wash car’s surface because it traps contaminants easily. Dish washing detergent damages the paint of the car.

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