Road Trip Tips

EvergreenautoworksDo you plan a road trip along Mediterranean coast, a pilgrimage on Route 66 or even exploring Africa coast-to coast, your vehicle has to be up to snuff. You don’t want to feel stressed and lonely stuck by the side of the road in a desert while trying to flag down any vehicle that is unlikely to come by. You don’t want that agony, so taking matters in your own hands is more than recommended. So, providing your vehicle with some basic maintenance is necessary. What you need to check to be sure your car is in the perfect working order? Some parts can be verified on your own; however, you should rely on a competent car mechanic for the most part.

Car can be observed as a living organism with “bodily” fluids, just as a human. If you want your four-wheeled companion to function flawlessly, so make sure it has enough fluids in every domain: gasoline, transmission fluid, engine oil, coolant/antifreeze, radiator coolant, windshield washer fluid, brake fluid and power steering fluids. The first 3 items mentioned here contain filters that should also be examined.

Hoses and belts connect the entire working system and therefore they have to be tightly secured. In case there are loose connections, you are likely to hitchhike. Might be interesting, but it certainly is not your dream road trip.

Tires tie our vehicles to the road, so adequate traction has to be ensured. Check whether your treads are deep enough to accomplish that. Tire pressure should be also checked. In summer, tires should be inflated to their maximum, while in winter they need to be a little less inflated. Just in case, take paramount spare tire with you.

If your lights are burnt out, police can pull you over. If your lights are faulty, other drivers might have problems gauging the distance from you and that can be very dangerous. So, check interior lighting, blinkers and the headlights.

Your visibility should not be hindered while driving, since you have to keep eyes peeled for obstacles all the time. So, your windows should be clean, wiper blades have to function properly (install new ones if needed), check out if mirrors are at the correct angle. Also, check whether defrost function works properly and that the windshield doesn’t contain cracks.

Brakes are the last line of defense while driving, so they need to be in the top form. Maybe they are not squealing, but the car mechanic should inspect them thoroughly. While you are there, make sure the mechanic examines your gauges, too.

Air filters should be checked regularly, especially if you plan a long (and adventurous) road trip. They keep the improper particles from entering with air. Eventually they get dirty and become less effective.

Battery can reach the end of its natural life, so check whether the ignition and electrical systems are working as if they were new.

Check out if air conditioning in your car works adequately, especially if you feel it is getting weaker. This should be done by the professional.

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