Tips for Picking the Best Auto Body Shop

We do not like them, we do our best to avoid them, but, let’s be honest, car collisions are something we have to deal with sooner or later. Even if you’re an extremely careful driver, there are others who could carelessly drive and knock your vehicle. Luckily, most cars are insured these days and insurance companies cover the repair costs. Should you choose the auto body repair shop recommended by your insurance company?

Well, if you think they will treat your vehicle properly, opt for them, but if you have the tiniest doubt about the certain repair shop, ditch the offer. To help you make the best decision, we will present you crucial tips on choosing the perfect Auto Body Shop.

Do Your Research

The best way to avoid mistakes is to take some time and research several companies on your own. It’s a good idea to take a look at the company’s track records with testimonials and, in case you have more questions, call the provider and ask them whatever you want to know. For example, it is always good to know how and who exactly would carry out the repairs. If bodywork isn’t good enough, your vehicle will be left with bulging parts and, without any doubt, you don’t want your beloved car to be ugly. Your friends and family could also have some recommendations and opinions on the best Collision Center nearby, so ask around.

Bonus Tip: Do this in advance, before the collision actually happens. One way or another, you’ll need a car repair shop, even without the collision. If you wait until something bad happens, chances are you won’t have enough energy, time and patience to make the best decision when choosing the service provider. If you’re too superstitious, skip this tip, but make an extra effort when (or if) the time comes to select the best car repair company to take care of your damaged vehicle.

Price Comparison

Even though insurance companies cover the repair costs, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check on estimate quotes. What’s more, it’s vital to know in advance what time it would take to do all the necessary repairs. Your primary concern should be the excellent service and the well-done repair, nevertheless waiting for weeks for the body repair of your car can be a bit disappointing. Since some auto repair shops use sophisticated tools and machines to reduce the waiting time while doing a good job, inquire on the type of equipment they use. Finally, (the waiting) time is money, so make sure you take it into account too.

Bonus Tip: Prior to picking the best auto body shop, you should get more than one estimate. Basically, you should take your vehicle to various auto repair shops before settling for one. Price does matter, but consider the quality of service, materials and equipment too. Things that are done in the repair process will affect your vehicle’s value, appearance and safety. So, if one repair quote is too good to be true, think twice before accepting it.

The Nearer The Better

During repairs, you will want to visit the shop to check out the progress. Therefore, it’s always better to find the repair shop that’s located nearby. Of course, a good auto body shop offers excellent services including picking and/or returning the vehicle after repairs. But, what if something happens after the repair and you want to check it once again? Choosing the auto shop that’s near you is always a better solution. 

Qualified Technicians

Most technicians visit collision repair schools for the love of industry. Simply put, they want to get a car back in its tip-top shape. Sometimes, nevertheless, body shops employ people that are not so interested in the vehicles or, unfortunately, aren’t qualified enough. It’s highly recommended to find the collision center that employs technicians who’ve been in the business for many years and are eager to help you get the best possible service. Car body shop employees have to be highly motivated, professional and courteous, otherwise you shouldn’t hire them. 

Bonus Tip: Ask a mechanic! Mechanics deal with collision centers all the time, which is why they sometimes know technicians at these companies personally. Thus, you can ask your mechanic for recommendations when it comes to auto body repair shops, regarding the best service and equipment, as well as the minimum waiting time.

Trust Your Gut

Sometimes everything seems to be just perfect, nonetheless you still feel that something isn’t right for you. If your gut feeling tells you not to leave your vehicle at certain shop, trust it and walk away. Maybe you’ve seen something that you didn’t like, maybe you felt you haven’t been treated professionally. Whatever the reason, follow your gut feeling and move on to the next collision center. After all, your car is probably one of the most valuable (material) things you own, hence it deserves to be left in good hands.


Who loves having a vehicle with dents? Not only that it looks ugly, but it is also difficult to sell, once you decide to do it. Yet, accidents are sometimes unavoidable and if they happen, you need to get the best possible Auto Dent Repair.  Dealing with repair shops and insurance can be quite frustrating, but luckily it does not have to be. Selecting the right collision center to fix your vehicle will make the whole process hassle-free. 

Going with the auto repair shop recommended by your insurance company isn’t always the best idea. In place of just accepting the first offer, do your own research. Online reviews might help you, as well as the suggestions of your friends and family. A reputable and reliable body shop always has many positive testimonials and reviews. Choose the repair shop with nice reviews, professional technicians and good customer service, but take its location into account too. Equipment does matter, so the more modern it is, the better. 

Finally, do not ignore your gut instincts when making a final decision. Our intuition is usually on point, therefore we shouldn’t underestimate it!

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