Formula 1 Simulators – Wonderful Way to Improve Your Car and Driving

The growing use of F1 simulators shows that while the FIA applies even more limitations on testing of mileage, teams are depending increasingly on virtual testing to prepare their cars and drivers too. In spite of the fact that the development race continue, the cars will have still modernized parts at almost every Grand Prix. The teams too will be already aware almost exactly of how the new parts will alter their vehicles because they will get them tested in the simulator.

Beyond Just Testing

The most basic advantage of simulators that scores over real-world trial is that the driver need not be in there alone. The newest version of the Hexatech features three seats, which means that a pair of engineers can accompany him. As the engineers sit with the driver they can inform the driver about what the car is doing at every corner and how it can be improved.

The 3-seat system means that the simulator is usable for more than only car development. A driver can take a coach while going into the simulator who can discuss with him while going around the circuit.

Simulators can also be used for setting cars up for various tracks and implementing race strategies.

Of course, they are also used for simulating the distances in the race.

It’s the biggest challenge for the simulation to develop a car; however, since it requires to be able to imitate the car so precisely that even alterations to its set-up have the right effect.

simulation of track

You can Absorb the Sensation Quickly

It’s significant that the simulators help you absorb the sensation quickly of being punched from side to side and can use this feedback to improve your driving.

Price Tag

The price tag for the simulator may seem big for a casual driver who was planning to buy one for playing a game, but is quite small for an F1 team. The six pistons of Hexatech move the driver in all directions in a pattern named a Stewart platform, a technology created in the early 20th century for testing tyres and simulators for other industries like aviation.

Simulation may not perhaps totally replace real-life trial. However it provides teams innovative ways of checking their cars and also improving their drivers and sharpening their race strategy. With the advances in technology, forthcoming simulators will be capable of performing even greater for the testing workload of teams.

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