2013 Tesla Model S

The Tesla is almost unchanged from the last year’s limited edition version. Small tweaks have been done to improve the performance, along with the option to get seats with cloth or leather upholstery.


The Model S is quite different from the normal electric car. With the modern interior design along with the high-tech features this Tesla Model S has raised the benchmark for all cars.

The Tesla Model S has a new prizing range which is quite affordable with starting at $60,000 is the standard vehicle which does not include the tax amount. This Model S comes with a 40kWh battery which is capable of carrying on for 125 miles without a recharge. For a slightly higher price you can change from this battery to a 60 kWh battery or an 85 kWh battery.

The Tesla Model S drives like most of the luxury cars available in today’s market. However compared to the traditional luxury sedan the Model S has few weak point which are; long distance capability and unknown reliability. However it is safe to say that there will be no other sedan like the Model S in the near future.

Trim level options

The Tesla Model S comes in two trim levels which are base and performance. The base trim is the standard feature list. However with the Model S jump to the performance trim level there is a noticeable increase in the power output with the use of twin chargers and also there is an additional air suspension.

With the internet capability Model S can use Internet navigation; however the turn-by-turn road navigation is only available with the tech package as a special feature along with the xenon headlights, LED fog lights and the high definition rear view camera.


Power and Performance

Four lithium-iron battery packages are available for the Tesla Model S.

The40 kWh battery pack give 235 horsepower and 310 pound feet torque. Expected to be able to cover around 125 miles in one charge. 0 to 60 time of 6.5 seconds is said to be possible.

The 60 kWh battery increases the power output to 302 horsepower and 317 pound feet torque. The expected miles per one charge is 208 miles.

The 85 kWh battery further increases the output to 362 horsepower and 325 pound feet torque with expected miles per one charge of 265 miles. With the performance boosts to the 85 kWh battery pack the power is further enhanced to 416 horsepower and 443 pound feet torque. With this a 0 to 60 time of 4.3 seconds is achievable.

When considering the efficiency in city the Model S use 38 kWh, in highway 37 kWh, in order to get a better understanding let’s take a look at the equivalent values in miles per gallon, that is roughly 88 mpg in the city and 90 mpg in the highway.

The Model S can be recharged from the standard household outputs.


As standard safety features the Tesla Model S includes airbags, (head, knee, pelvic for front passengers and rear side curtain) controls for stability and traction along with antilock disc brakes, rear view camera and a crash sensor for high voltage disconnect.

The model S was able to come to a standstill from 60 mph in just 108 feet.


The interior of the Tesla Model S is the most modern look and feel out there. Almost all the push buttons have been replaced with a 17 inch touch screen which gives the driver total control of the system.

Both front and rear seats come with sufficient leg space for adults, yet there might be a slight shortage of headspace in the rear seats. The third row seats are however very small only able to fit children. And this row is foldable creating space for luggage allowing a capacity of 26.3 cubic feet. Folding the middle row will increase this to 58.1 cubic feet.

The materials used in the interior work of the Model S is quite equivalent to any luxury sedan. Since the window switches and driver controls are from Mercedes-Benz the Model S is holding its end as a premium luxury sedan.

Driving feel

The Tesla Model S will change all the attitudes towards electric cars since unlike other small electric cars the Model S drives like a traditional luxury sedan. Acceleration is very fast and ultra quiet. The car is equivalent to a bullet flying out of a gun with almost zero sound. The handling is impeccable as well with sharp turns and accurate responsiveness. Also it is a miracle all this is possible with the luxury comfort and smooth ride.

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