Things to Consider when Buying Air Bag Suspension

Because of the popularity of air bag suspension kits among people who are real automotive enthusiasts, even common drivers became aware of the advantages of installing such a system on their vehicle. Although we still identify air bag suspension with custom low rider trucks, plus the price tag is quite stiff, there are many reasons why you should consider spending some money on these kits. If you are interested in buying air bag suspension kit, here are things you need to know about this important purchase.

It’s no secret that air bag suspension kit might cost an arm and a leg, since it’s such a technological triumph. Luckily, thanks to the increase in models and makes available, a good quality kit could be yours for less than $400 (without the labor). Keep in mind that this system will replace all your stock suspension components, including shock absorbers and heavy springs. Do a proper research, look for sales and find the best deal for this rather expensive purchase.

Before making the decision of buying certain air bag suspension kit, it’s of high importance to determine your needs. Take into consideration that this modification will affect the appearance and performance of your vehicle, so there are numerous kits designed for a specific role. Are you a serious off roader or you need air bag suspension for street/normal use? There are also intermediate systems designed to improve comfort and adjust height of the ride. And, of course, you have air bag suspension kits that are popular among the racing car industry. So, ask yourself what you need air bag suspension for.

Fitment of an air bag suspensions system should be left to a knowledgeable mechanic, since its installation is quite complex. Even if you’re mechanically inclined consumer, this fitment requires the use of various tools. Because the integrity and safety of your vehicle is at stake, a proper and professional installation will assure that those objectives are readily met. To cut a long story short, hire a mechanic you can trust!

Finally, the maintenance of the system has to be considered before the purchase (and installation) of air bag suspension. Such parts are exposed to different (usually harsh) road conditions, so you cannot ignore wear and tear. However, since air bag suspension is lighter and more durable than stock suspension components, maintain it properly according to manufacturer’s specifications.

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