4 Essential Points to Check While Buying Used Auto Parts

It makes sense to buy used auto parts in good condition when you can, instead of buying new ones at a higher price. If you have access to a junkyard near you, you can get these parts that are removed from irreparable vehicles.

It’s predicted that around 70% of a car that is beyond repairs can be salvaged for motors, wheels, transmission parts and more. By deciding to buy used auto parts instead of new, you can save up to 20 to 80 percent. In addition, when you buy them, you help environment because otherwise those parts will keep rusting in a landfill.

Although it’s profitable to buy used auto parts, it’s essential to do some research. Here are some points you should check to ensure you get quality used auto parts.

1. As Much Information of Your Car as Possible

Not every car part can be compatible with your car. Therefore, it’s good to provide as much information about your car as you can. This includes your VIN number, model, manufacturing year etc. Even with only VIN number the seller can get your model, engine and transmission information. With VIN number, the employees of the salvage yard can take out a list of any of the compatible components that you may need. This will save your energy and time in examining the parts yourself.

2. Warranty

Make sure you ask about a warranty. Junkyards often provide some kind of warranty on their parts. Make sure you get a copy of warranty agreement from them before buying anything. You should understand everything before deciding to buy any part.

used auto parts

3. Find Out the Age of the Part

A junkyard contains a lot of auto parts that are decades old. They may be less costly; but it’s essential to know how old they are and what distance they have covered. If such a part is not at present being manufactured, sold or repaired, it’s better to avoid buying it and choosing something newer and contemporary. A very old part may have to be repaired again and again.

4. No Duplicate

Ensure that the parts you’re buying are legitimate and not duplicate. Duplicate parts are not reliable or safe. Inspect every part visually and check if it doesn’t look the same as a new part, e.g. has a mismatched logo, a typo etc. and it may be a counterfeit. Such duplicate parts are not regulated and bring a serious safety hazard to you and your car.

If you take care of these points, you can have a great peace of mind that you’ve got just the right part for your car.

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