Things to Know When Choosing Vehicle Batteries

As the weather gets cold, the car batteries have to work harder. For that reason, you should make sure your vehicle battery is in good shape. In general, they last approximately five years, so I would highly recommend shopping around before you actually need a new battery for your car; you’ll get better value for money. Since there are many vehicle batteries to choose form, it’s very important to determine which one meets your own needs.

Essentially, there are 2 types of lead acid batteries: starting and deep cycle. The starting batteries have a greater plate count, because they are designed to deliver fast bursts of energy. Optima RedTop battery is a typical, high-quality starting battery. In this type of lead acid batteries, plates are thinner with a different material composition. The second type, deep cycle batteries have greater long-term energy delivery, but their instant energy levels are lower. In general, these batteries are designed to survive a number of discharge cycles and their plates are significantly thicker compared to the starting batteries.

As a general rule, you shouldn’t use staring batteries for deep cycle applications; their thin plates are rather prone to pitting and warping when being discharged. Although there’s a compromise between these two main types of lead acid batteries: dual purpose battery (such as Optima YellowTop Batteries), most experts in this field recommend being more specific if possible. If, however, you’re looking for a marine battery, opt for those designed specifically for marine use: they should be resistant to vibrations typical for off-road vehicles and boats and they need to operate in any position without hydrogen leakage or electrolyte spillage. Optima BlueTop Batteries meet these requirements and they come in two versions: starting (dark gray top) and dual purpose (light gray top).

Finally, when working around and with any battery, you should think about your own safety. Therefore, all your jewelry should be removed, use safety goggles and make sure you wear clothes made of, for example, polyester instead of cotton. And, of course, it would be wise to disconnect the ground cable when doing any electrical work on your vehicle.

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