Tips on Choosing a Car Cover

Every driver knows that a good vehicle cover is inevitable for winter storage. However, for most people, the need for an appropriate car cover goes beyond the cold and windy winter months. If you’re looking for the product that will protect your rides from leaves in autumn, sunshine and pollen in spring and summer and you don’t have enough garage space to provide your vehicle a proper protection, a good car cover will surely meet your needs. But, what to consider before purchasing a cover for your four-wheeled family member? Well, I’ll try to give you some tips on that!

Picking a car cover is an important, yet complicated task. After all, it needs to protect your beloved rides “come rain or come shine”. However, there are some questions you should answer to help you make the final decision and narrow the choices.

Where your car will be parked and how often do you drive your car? The answers to these questions are a good starting point for making the decision when buying a car cover. It’s not the same if you are looking for a car cover for a hobby car or a daily commuter. In addition, if you park your vehicle outside or garage it at home, you’ll need to make different decisions when it comes to your car’s protection.

If, for example, you park your frequently driven car outside and would like to cover it up every day (or night, more precisely), lightweight outdoor car covers are something you should look for. They make storing and folding easier and faster. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the lightest outdoor covers may offer a great protection, but only in mild weather. On the other hand, for someone who parks outside in a crowded area or somewhere where kids play, looking for an extra layer of protection is highly recommended. There’s a little bit more storage bulk, but an exceptional scratch and ding protection is really worth it.

In case you garage your vehicle for a daily commute, yet you want it to be extra-protected against children and/or pets, opt for an indoor lightweight car cover. It’s soft and light and putting it on/taking it off is really easy to accomplish. Nonetheless, for a hobby car you’re keeping in your garage, pick a cover made of a slightly heavier fabric; it blocks more dust and offers more padding for even more protection.

What is the weather condition in your town/area? Different materials handle different weather conditions and climate, so where you live does matter when buying an outdoor car cover. For instance, coastal areas in USA along Gulf Coast, Atlantic Pacific call for a car cover that is able to protect your car against and withstand salty air. Wet areas, on the other hand, demand water resistant car covers; the fabrics have to be able to “breath” while keeping the water out. In dry, sunny and hot climates, snow and rain are the last conditions you should worry. Still, UV protection is crucial in these areas; a proper car cover should offer reflective properties, while keeping the heat down.

Finally, if you’re looking for a place to buy a car cover for your beloved vehicle, check out It’s designed for online users to quickly find the perfect car cover for their vehicles; simple to navigate, easy to place orders. What’s more, the quality and selection of car covers there will surely impress you!

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